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People who do not show up to Parties

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Faramir, May 14, 2007.

  1. My gf helped her sister for hours to prepare for Fiona's 40th B'Day. I, my gf & their mum lent Fiona money for the house party. Fiona must have some f#@$% friends. Only 1 person showed up. 8 who confirmed that they were going did not did show up., no phone call to say sorry. I even brought my car so that I could take people home. Fiona is now very depressed.

    These f#$%#$ firends are not prepared to travel more than 1/2 hour to Parramatta for her 40th. They live such insulated lives that they do not know anything beyond 10km of where they live. This is a strange concept for us riders because we are always travelling around.

    I can not work out why Fiona call them friends, especially when they are much younger than her, very insecure about life. They have been studying in College for the past 3 years. I won't go on about details but I hope that she slams them next time she sees them.

    This experience has put me off thinking about my 40th.
  2. this kind of thing is a wake up call.

    kevin, you're a good judge of character and have figured it out. young people tend to be pretty selfish, irrisponsible and thoughtless also.

    i read a gripping tale in cosmo once :oops:

    a woman sent 20 invites to her birthday shindig. 10 people called to say they had other plans, the rest didnt show up.

    the woman was a biitch [like stump] and didnt know it until the party. she changed after that night.
    i have a friend whos over 50 without a friend his age. although we are young, we wouldnt leave him alone on his birthday. new friends are the cure. i hope fiona doesnt take what happened personally.

    stump it up! :grin:
  3. These people must be very f#$%#$%. Fiona has been getting along with them for the past 3 years. She started a new (religious) life, divorced her husband and got a new bunch of friends? These f#$%#$ did not even have the courtesy to call. The only people who did call were those who told her prior that they could not make it (due to various reasons). Her lecturer rang and he was disgusted with the poor turn up. Two other friends rang to wish her a happy 40th and were shocked to hear that only one turned up. The one who did turn up was nice and she live close to Fiona.
  4. Maybe Fiona has the problem?

    I'm not suggesting she does, I don't know her from a bar of snicker but it may be possible that these people just smile in her presence and cringe when she leaves.

    She may be a good match for me, I only have 1 friend too ;)

  5. Thanks Jax.

    Fiona feels as if she is not deserving of anyone's company. She did have a bad bunch of friends, mainly due to her dickhead ex-husband. She found God, dumped her other lifestyle (they won't tell me what it was but one can only guess). So from 3-4 years ago, she started a new life, trying to forgive all those who did her wrong.

    At least for the one with her two year old son who did turn up, we all got along and had a few laughs. The kids had a great time though. (Fiona's kids and my gf kids plus our guest's son). (Fiona spent the next day crying for what seems like forever.) The money issue for a single mum is bad enough when you are struggling.

    Before anyone of you start talking about religion, I ask every to respect's Fiona's choice, it is her way of healing. I do not agree with the path she has choosen sometimes but I hold my mouth shut. I hope everyone else do the same.

    Except for calling these f#$@% f@#$%#@$%@# F@#%$@#$@!!!!!!!!!!
  6. THe true tell tale sign of Fiona's character is that two to the friends who could not make it, called from their jobs to give a nice happy birthday. Her lecturer had another engagement and asked if he could drop in as we were leaving - no point, there was no party, we had to take the kids home. A few others gave Fiona her present on Friday because they knew they could not make it.
  7. Perhaps a jesus party wasn't their idea of a good time... :grin:

    FFS, it happens, 20 year olds will walk 50 miles through hail and thunder for the chance to crack open a goon bag. 35-40 year olds have more commitments and less desire to party. I feel it creeping up on me, it takes a superhuman effort to get up off the couch and head out when it's warm and there's booze and BJs on tap if I stay at home.

    The measure of your friendships has nothing to do with how many people turn up to a party, it's how you get along when you're together.

    An ex of mine used to be extremely sensitive about how many people turned up to her bbqs and parties - so nowadays when she holds one everyone goes because they're too scared she'll cry. That's not being popular, that's just f*cking embarrassing.

    Tell her to HTFU, and make her next party somewhere people can get to.
  8. Problem 1
    replacing 1 'life' with another 'life' is no solution to anything

    Problem 2
    Aparently not, friends are not valued by wether thy come to a party, she's 40 tell her to grow up.

    Dont post about her religiuos choices and then expect no one to comment, if her religiuos choices have nothing to do with the fact she throws crap partys why mention it?

    I'm with Loz, tell her to HTFU, if 1 GOOD friend turns up or calls it's better that a house full of people who dont want to be there.
  9. "finding religion" you say is not relevant yet you brought it up a few times.
    who goes to parties where people fear they may get converted?
  10. Can I come to your house :roll:
  11. :LOL: Sure... but it's BYO! :LOL:
  12. Done!!!

    I'll bring a 6 pack, get Cheng ready ;)
  13. :rofl:

    Cheng... you're becoming a legend in these parts!!

    I guess it's the height of rudeness to say yes and then not come without an explanation or an apology.

    It does sound like a wake up call moment though...
  14. +1

    If you don't want to go to a party for whatever reason, fair enough... don't commit. Or at least have the decency to ring and say you're not going to be able to make it after all... blaah blaah blaah

    This is why I never throw parties :LOL:
  15. Geez, least you could do is form a line, dewds :p

    Keeping to the topic, it sounds like Fiona's emerged from a difficult pre-divorce situation, is starting over again and is testing the waters with who can or cannot rely on. It's like being 16 and moving to a new school in a new state.

    Like it or not, human relationships involve risk. She took one and got burned, but got some good out of it. All the best for all the other new emotional investments she takes.
  16. Etiquette; it's so yesteryear... :p
  17. :rofl: On tap you say Loz. You wish buddy :LOL:

    But back to the party, perhaps they were hanging out in the kitchen :roll:

    Aaaah good ol pain :cry: often the only thing that really teaches. A good emotional maelstrom like that is a sure fire method to make a person look at one's own sh*t, and their role in it-good :) or bad :cry: Judgement day :wink:
  18. This may sound harsh, but it's pretty accurate in my experience... people who 'find religion' tend to also find their friends distancing themselves.

    Having said that... at least they should have had to guts to say no when they were asked... how hard is that?
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    A-ha, youtube link opportunity :grin:


    Apologies for hijack, Farimir. Back to topic, peeples :)