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People trying to take the wind out of my sails.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Panikk, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    Booked in for rider training.. really excited about getting into riding, I have a full car licence, am 23. have been driving 6 years.
    I feel very comfortable about hoping onto a bike & understand the dangers involved etc... that doesnt bother me.
    what does is that everybody you tell gives you a lecture & basically thinks your going to kill yourself...

    Am a wrong in thinking that a car is just as dangerous as a bike in the wrong hands? ahh, still trying to think positive about getting into riding, but yeah, all the negativity is swirling around in my head now.

    by the way, looking for a bike, budget under $5000... can I pick up a decent cbr250rr for that price or should I aim lower?

  2. GSF250V.

    failing that, GSF250V.

    And don't listen to people. if you listened to people, you'd live in a cotton ball all day long.... they just become background noise after a while :p
  3. GSF250V, nice bike. had a quick look for one on bikesales, none for sale in Sydney...

    haha, thats exactly what I say to people, lock yourself in your bedroom, it's not safe to go outside.
  4. I recently got my first bike and was surprised by the LACK of negative comments, both parents, brother, friends and even grandaparents know i have a bike and none of them gave me a lecture of the dangers of riding a bike on the road.......
    Really spun me out.
  5. haha, lets swap families & friends!
  6. for the most part, your safety is in your hands.
    saying that though, it is a lottery any time you enter a road....
    they say "you'll kill yourself, motorbikes are dangerous...."

    from now you wil hear
    "blah blah blah blah" then say thankyou for your concern and walk away.

    failing that, remind them that a motorbike can sit in a shed for 1000years without hurting anyone, and perhaps it is not the motorbike they need to worry about.

    when they get sick of lecturing you, tell them you want to go skydiving...
  7. Hey. Welcome to netrider.

    Tell them their chance of getting punched in the face right now is a lot higher than that for you being killed riding a motorbike.

    There're obvious risks associated with riding, but you can do all sorts of things to reduce the risks.

    If you never do what you want to, what's the point of living?
  8. oh, and cbr250rr - yes, you will find one in that price bracket.
  9. Yes, you are wrong. Given similar 'wrong' (or 'right') hands, motorcycles are still more 'dangerous'- by dangerous, i dont mean they bite you when they're lying around- but the usage of them on public roads with all the contingencies means you're more susceptible to accidents; and the accidents are of a more critical nature than car accidents. They are considerably more dangerous than a car.

    Don't let that deter you though- the pleasure (or sometimes convenience) of riding far outweighs the dangers in some people's minds. Thats the reason you see motorcycles on the roads (esp sydney roads).

    Goodluck! Remember, make your own decisions, don't let others make it for you. You should listen to advice, but only do what you feel is best.
  10. Mate it's going to be like that for a little while, at least until they realise you're not paying attention anymore. But think about this, there are three hundred & something fatalities each year, and the bulk of them are car drivers. So it's actually safer to ride a bike! :wink: and it's your civic duty to tell them that :twisted:
  11. LoL, No body loves you :p Jks jks

    There are a lot less bikes on the road as well... the percentage in proportion to the vehicle is the issue at hand. That is like saying, only 10 people have ever died by getting shot in the head with a nail gun; that is why it is safer to shoot yourself in the head with a nailgun than to drive a car..............................................................
  13. that is why it is safer to shoot yourself in the head with a nailgun than to drive a car..............................................................[/quote]

    Yeh sure, but is it safer to shoot yourself in the head with a nail gun than to ride a bike? That's the question. And are we talking with a helmet or without. :roll:
  14. Yes mate, like the clever riders tell me, only you are in control of your right hand. Problem is I like to let mine drift a bit, more so in straight lines which is why a CBR suits me. I know, I know, going fast on bends is more fun but there's something about watching your speedo climb...and having the opportunity to watch it!
  15. It would be more like 70% rider behaviour 30% everything else. I love that excerpt, but i think mr robertson is undermining the impact of other drivers and their idiocy/mistakes...

    Yes, many many mistakes can be anticipated and avoided, but so many can't (Regardless of how good a rider may be)

    Don't get me wrong, i love riding and i ride; the deadliest of these 'death traps' (a grossly unfair euphemism), the R1. Its more dangerous than driving cars, no question about it; and anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

    Chef, The reason i gave the nailgun scenario was to exemplify that we cannot compare something which a smaller population indulges in that will naturally effect a smaller population, to something a wider population indulges in.

    I'd say 99% of nailgun to head cases would result in death, yet using the premise of the aforementioned argument, one can 'prove' that it is safer than driving a car, or a bike, or suicide!!(most suicide cases dont result in a fatality lol).
  16. thanks for all the replies,
    I'll just put all the negative stuff behind me & concentrate on staying alive & in one piece... This is something that I just have to do, still having trouble finding a bike though...
    going to look at this one tomorrow...
    if anybody can recommend another good bike around the same price, please do...
  17. have you got your "what to look for" checklist?
  18. you've prolly been told this already.....but just in case.

    Careful buying them there cbr twofiddys....

    Sweet bikes, but often older than advertised, often more kms than advertised and sometimes just plain NOT what is advertised (ie a cbr r being sold as the 'RR").

    Quick ref: the RR has the gull swing arm, twin discs and the frame is diff too.

    Have a look at the new buyers checklist here on the forum, some good stuff in there.

    Be guided by the conidition of the bike not the kms on the clock. Do collar and cuffs match? Is it a real blonde....

    Welcome to the world of biking, you're gonna love it :grin:
  19. Riding might be dangerous, we'll...thats mostly according to people who dont ride bikes! I find that if i look out for everyone else i can save my self. Its all those little things like: dont ride in blindspots, leave a 3sec. gap between you and the vehicle ahead etc. which they will explain to you when you go for your L's!
    Welcome to the dark side...you gona love it
  20. Try telling people the same thing when you're my age :)
    When I got back on a bike after nearly thirty years away, the comment I heard most was the one about mid life crisis. They just didnt know I had mine twenty years ago :) and most of them didn't know I had bikes in a previous life.
    So I just smiled, nodded, and walked away feeling sorry for them. They're never going to know the freedom, cos they're tied down by convention, and a fear of something they know nothing about.