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People that swerve at you...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mav, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. ...what's their point?

    So they perceive that you have wronged them...(somehow)...and their method of dealing with it is to accelerate around your ass, swerve if front of you at speed with no clearance space, then slam on the brakes...wtf?

    Had a guy do this to me not 10mins into my commute this morning on an empty road, then pull off to the right and climb out his passenger window to give me the finger and wave his arms around.

    I should've memorised his number plate, but instead found myself laughing at what a ******** he was and not thinking about his number plate.

    and yes he was in a bommodore...
  2. They're awesome and you're not. They are just proving it to you.
    You should grovel before their awesomeness.

  3. ^^ This.
    I also like to grab my belly with my left hand and move it up and down in a kinda "Ho Ho Ho" motion - it makes sure they know you're laughing at them, and I'm sure that it pisses them off ;)
  4. They stop being awesome when you swerve at them and kick their mirror off - not that I condone this action but fawk it feels good...
  5. ..a while back, I pulled over to let a tailgating taxi pass. All I got as thanks was him swerving in at me as he overtook....f*cktard!!....:jerk:
  6. maybe I should've had that brick in my sig handy :)
  7. My theory is that their dominance is being challenged, and in the animal kingdom, many dominance rituals are similar to the rituals performed before mating. Swerving and gesticulating wildly at you may just be his own interpretation of this phenomenon. So you should either perform some kind of dominance-dance right back, or feel very flattered.
  8. I like your theory ad, but I dunno...
    Should I really feel better knowing the tool behind me just thinks my arse looks great in Spada?
  9. well, if it looks anything like my ass does, then you'll get used to it pretty quickly...
  10. Gave my bike a run after changing filters this afternoon and took it up a short 100kph stretch to give it a bit of a wind out, and the car coming the other way was a bommodore with green Ps, swerved at me quite sharply, and they were all laughing hard.
    I chucked an illegal u-turn and started chasing them to try and get the numberplate (fairly small community ;)) but on a 250 no chance :p.
  11. I've had happen a few times. The last time was by far the funniest.

    Coming out of a 80 zone into a 100 zone, stuck behind slow moving traffic, check my mirrors, all clear, pull out into the right lane and hear this horn and wullah, knuckle dragger in a beemer, sitting up my arse. He had the same idea. So after some creative riding, work my way back to the left hand lane. Next set of lights, the knuckle draggers passenger is hanging out the window gesturing wildly.:rofl: I was turning left, so they didn't get another chance to do it again.
  12. Going west on 3 lane road, I am in the left lane, he is in the right lane, nothing else on the road,
    He decides to run me off the road, came across from the other side of the road to do it,
    squeezed me into the gutter,
    I hit the skids hard, he goes forwards,

    I dont like people trying to kill me,

    I pull out onto the right hand side of him, come up beside his car, stand on the right foot peg, and hit him in the side of the head with my left boot,
    He wont do that again,

    High rise bars are good, allows you to stand up on the pegs,
  13. I'll probably try this once i get a bigger bike...not easy trying to balance my frame on one foot on a small 250
  14. As much as the foot to the head would be a satisfying achievement, I doubt that riders with skills and experience less than Brian's would be able to pull it off consistently.
    For less experienced riders can I suggest that a small but dense metallic item to the windscreen is a better option. Easier to hit a bigger target and can disable the opponent's ability to give chase.

    Forget about the number plate. Unless there is an actual crash, plod will not do anything.
  15. Just sink your boot into the door panel, they stove in very easily, Then it costs them heaps to fix,

    Better still, educate these morons, A bike riding down the road is not a target for them,
  16. There is a guy that I work with that has it in his head that if a bike is doing something wrong that he has every right to injure them.
    For example if a bike lane splits that he will open his door because the bike shouldn't be splitting. When I say that just because they are doing something that in his mind they shouldn't be it doesn't give him the right to possibly severely injure them and that's when the conversation goes in circles.
    He believes that it will stop them doing it in future.
  17. So he's alright with a motorcyclist giving his car a boot if he does something wrong?

    Unfortunately I suspect his belief could easily become fact. A dead rider won't do much of anything in the future.
  18. Easy end to the argument. The legality of lane-splitting is questionable, but the law is very clear about not opening a door in traffic.

    I'd be taking to his car doors with a welder. If you don't believe he should open them in front of bikes then by his logic you should have every right to prevent him from doing so. :)
  19. They must have been fanging...
  20. we should have guns, like in America. They'll shoot at you instead of waving their arm around, BUT... you can shoot back!!

    Honestly, ignore such idiots, and either stay behind them where you can monitor any further stupid moves, or if it's in you, tell them to Fark off, and then piss off quickly.
    Remember to watch your mirrors over the next.

    Then there is option number three.