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people sitting on other peoples bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GForce, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. today when i was heading towards my bike i saw 2 guys sitting on other peoples bike. they were posing for a picture and i thought it was very rude and annoying. it wasnt my bike but still, it makes me angry when people that dont have a bike and go around sitting on other peoples bike.
    what did i do?? i looked at them and said "wtf you guys doing? its not your bike so dont touch it:. they both looked at me stunned and then i said "what if you dropped the bike? are you going to confess and pay up?"
    they say ohhh we just taking a picture of the bike. they got off and said sorry but its the principle. i wanted to smack them out but it wasnt my bike. if it was my bike, i know 2 guys would be in hospital right now.

    anyone else came across something like this?
  2. I've heard of one netrider who had his bike parked outside a pub, and some pisshead hopped on for a lark... sure enough -> dropped it.

    It's the same as with leaning/sitting on people's cars.
    Possible it's harmless.

    Highly likely the owner would object and have words with you.

    Conclusion: don't do it.
  3. that is poor form, you never ever just get on someones bike. good on you for telling them off, i'm sure if the owner of the bike knew you'd done that they'd be very thankful...
    its not like you'd sit in someones car if it was unlocked, so why would you sit on someones bike??
  4. yep you did the right thing, it's some one elses property, dont touch without permission
  5. Just ask them for their car keys.

    If they want to know why, simply explain that you want to get in and pretend to drive it for a while and hold the accelerater down so it floods. You then want to cover it in grubby finger prints and accidently scratch the shit out of the paintwork as you get out. Then once again insist that they unlock the car for you.

    If they refuse at that point, politely ask them to get the fcuk off the bike before you ram your helmet down their fcuking throat. :wink:

    Or alternatively, you could say nothing at all, choosing instead to club the wanker over the back of the head with your helmet. This may ding your helmet but it's for his own good and Karma will reward you in the end. :)
  6. Good on you GForce. It's enough to make one's blood boil. What is it with all these people touching/messing around with people's possessions? Have a look at the other topic about the guy who had the top part of his wrack taken! Grrrr!
  7. I can't imagine the thought process where by a person or animal or plant could walk up to a bike that isn't theirs and without asking the owner, and think that it could possibly be OK for them to just hop on it.

    Good work for having a go at them !!
  8. Yep, well done GForce.

  9. +1 :shock: I guess some people think that because it's not locked up like a car (because it bloody well can't be!) it's ok to climb all over it.

    There's a row of bikes in front of my office, I sometimes see people having a bit of a sit and play. :evil:
  10. U touch my bike I break you Face.

    Hey all,
    so its is not just me, tops, I thought I was being too possessive.
    Totally Agree with GForce,
    I would have told them off in no uncertain terms,
    given the way I feel about people touching my bike,

    "I really F*****g hate people touching my bike"

    If I hand you the keys, and say you can take her for a spin,
    Or when I'm trying to impress certain girls I know,
    yeah "you can sit on my bike baby".
    Thats cool with me.
    all my mates asked if they could sit on my bike after I got,
    thats cool too.

    If not keep you grubby hands to yourself.
    :evil: :twisted: :evil:

  11. or ask them how they would feel if you threw a leg over their missus, same thing really.. :evil:
  12. I've only had my bike for about a month and half and I have already caught 2 people sitting on it.

    I actually warned them that I'm not so uptight about it. I don't like it but other people might not be so lenient as some people are very protective of their bikes.

    I also caught a guy with a backpack leaning on my sisters car that I was driving (XW Falcon that I had done up for her 21st) chatting to another guy in a car next to it. I went off my tree as I had only had it sprayed about 2 months before and his backpack had left marks all over the bonnet.

    Its people that don't know about bikes and will jump on with jeans and scratch the paintwork with zippers. Pain in the ass but what are you gonna do. Can't clear the world of people who don't think.
  13. Just a further sign of the selfish bad-mannered society with which we are all forced to contend.

    Of course, while taking the high moral ground here, let us make sure we are not guilty of some other selfish, offensive acts, OK?
  14. An obvious solution would be a small bed of nails that could be unfolded and locked to the bike seat...

  15. i had a workman try to drag my bike away from its position so he could unload panes of glass last week. 200kg bike + steering lock + triggered wailing alarm meant he wasn't moving it anywhere. :roll:

    he wasn't the brightest spark, he was parked in a dead end street with 0 traffic and could have parked his van an extra metre or two from the curb to unload his gear, but no, he somehow thought moving my bike was the best option. [-X
  16. I had to have a quiet word to a nephew of mine once, came outside and he was sitting on the bike, sidestand up and barely touching the ground on both toes. He shit himself and in the process of trying to get off quickly (on the wrong side) the bike started tipping and there was no way he would have held it for more than a few seconds. I ended up with a sore neck and shoulder from basically catching the bike as it tipped over, preventing him from being wedged under it and more importantly not scratching the bike. His old man thought it was pretty funny until I let him know what damage could have been done and I would expect him to pay for it.
    I know one kid who won't be sitting on other peoples bikes without their permission.
  17. Seany's got it in one.... sort of puts it all in perspective.
  18. Seany's got it in one.... sort of puts it all in perspective.
    Thats THE One Thing that get me REALLY Mad and bluddy FAST
    was walking up towards my bike at the Pink Ribbon ride with a friend
    and someone was sitting on it
    :shock: standing it up :shock:
    (this person to my knowledge is NOT a rider at all )

    :evil: I LET FLY :evil:
    :evil: I WONT REPEAT WHAT I SAID :evil:
    suffice to say 8+ RED faces standing beside/near my bike
    were Very shocked at my reaction :evil:
  20. we get the drunks from the pub down the road...
    use to get up and find our bikes moved around
    luck if they droped them you couldn't notice the damage.. :) there POS 1980 bikes