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People simply don't see us.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Changa, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. G'day guys,

    just for the benefit of anyone (like myself) who's just starting out.

    When the instructors and other riders tell you that people simply aren't looking for bike riders - BELIEVE THEM. In the few months I've been riding I've avoided at least 5 accidents where I'd have t-boned another vehicle, simply because I thought to myself "This guy just doesn't see me", than set up the brake and get ready to stop.

    They usually apologise, but I can only imagine what will happen if i ever get complacent.

  2. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    easy, you get badly hurt or worse
  3. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    people can't see my 9 x 2.6 x 3.3 metre truck, we riders have no hope of being seen by the non-riding populace
  4. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    Yep they just dont see us and most not all dont give a **** either
    Sad but true
  5. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    totally untrue, with no basis

    the truck post proves the point; bikes are smaller, and therfore harder to see

    no motorist leaves his garage in the morning hoping to run over a bike, or muttering to himself that if he does, he won't care
  6. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    yep, had people pull out on my bus during numerous trips home. Makes you wonder...
  7. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    I don't know, hornet - there was that post a while back linking to another thread where a guy pulled out of a side street and cleaned up a rider with some shitbox hatchback. All the replies were along the lines of "lol he shouldn't have been tailgating", "he had it coming" or "omg you only managed to hit one?!!?!?111?!", and all the OP said was how inconvenienced he was by having to get his car fixed after the whole thing.

    I agree that nobody would want to run over us, but saying that everyone would care is a bit of a stretch.
  8. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    I do sort of - its something like

    "okay today I feel like running over Caucasian people" :)
    tomorrow it may be
    "okay today I want to side swipe a parking inspector" :)

    and so on
  9. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    Not to be contrarian, but when living down in Wollongong a nice woman in an older white Toyota Landcruiser did actively force me out of lane whilst looking down at me, a short distance before the northbound speed camera at the base of Mt Ousley. Maybe she didn't actually intend to harm me but she was deliberately using the "might makes right" of a 2000kg vehicle against my 200kg vehicle.

    I braked hard to escape backwards and didn't think much of it as I returned to normal highway speed, aside from her now-increasing speed on approach to the speed camera. ;)

    Mind you, that's the only time I've first-hand witnessed a driver consciously and deliberately merging into another vehicle. In general I would say deliberate assault with a vehicle is a rarity.
  10. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    they have accepted that during their shift they may take out a few bikes or people,, before they start thier day.
    just another day at the office.. just comes with the job.
  11. Pople simply don't see us.

    Darling, honestly has this come as some great revelation out of the great unknown?
    After 35 years of riding the roads of Terra Australis......for me this type of behaviour is completely common place I'm way past venting, I expect it to happen and gleefully accept all the talentless hacks in their cages of all descriptions......

    Sweeties gone are the halcyon days where other motorists feared us mores the pity.

    Sugarplum if you have a desire to be avoided on the road get yourself patched........mind you it could injurious in other ways........
  12. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    Maybe true but I'm confident that many don't process the damage they can cause by their deliberate actions.

    I'd get 1 or 2 people a month change lanes on me despite seeing me and despite me using the horn.
  13. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    You'll get used to it, you'll be able to anticipate those incidents & avoid them before they occour, & the instances of close calls you have will decrease the more you ride.

    If it doesn't, you might not last long. Sorry.

    No, probably not, but they don't think about the repercussions their actions can have.

    I've said it before, I believe driving/riding is the most dangerous thing the majority of people do on a daily basis.

    Do people stop & think before they get in their car? No, they're usually wondering where their coffee went or how much of the paper they can read before they get to work...

    Foresight is wonderful, but very rare.

    Everytime I get on the bike, I look at the traffic & actively think that any one of those cars can kill me. Puts thing in perspective.
  14. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    You're right, people don't think about the reprecussions...
    I believe part of this problem is that the government isn't interested in road safety/roadcraft awareness, just "don't speed."

    Most people equate
    speed = accident causing/source of accident
    where really, it's just part of the EQUATION of accidents.

    Yes, higher speeds = greater damage in accident
    No, speeding doesn't cause accidents 100% of the time. Otherwise, most of us would already be dead.

    A good example of this is what I see everyday going to work:
    At a T-intersection where a smaller road hits the main road in my area, there are some cars driving away from traffic wanting to turn right into the the smaller road, and they have to wait at the middle traffic 'island' before they can turn.
    (I'm usually waiting to turn right from this smaller road, so I have to wait for them to clear before I can make the middle island.)
    They start off being a little too careful, not turning when there's enough of a gave for them to go, and after about 2-3 minutes get impatient at the amount of peak traffic going past with only small gaps to do the turn.
    Finally they lose their cool and rush through one of those gaps, increasing their chance of getting into an accident.
    Could've been avoided if they were more aware of their space.
  15. Damn. Who fixed the title? I preferred it when Pople was coping all the abuse.
  16. What other strategies could you employ in addition to setting up brakes?
  17. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    I'm sure that other road users don't see us.... and I can also can attest to the fact that some don't even try!!...

    1st time a guy tried to merge onto me (I was in the left lane).. I could not believe that he didn't see me...I managed to bip the horn and he looked absolutely horrified that there was a bike there!.... I actually waved at him and he was making hand gestures like..."I did not see you... sorry"

    There's a well known hot spot just outside Penrith... merging right hand lane with a right turn shortly after it.. ALWAYS cars suddenly deciding to cut into left lane rather than wait for a turning car... I always slow and remain extremely vigilant here.. thought I was OK one time and then suddeny a guy pulls in front of me from the right.. no time to bip horn, just f*cking lucky that I managed to get out of his way. He did NOT look (I was looking at the cars & drivers), he just pulled out.

    I just keep as vigilant as I can. But in the short time I have been riding I cannot believe the crap I have encountered.
  18. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    Sad isn't it?

    Who made riding accessible to the meek and fearful? Those who would not smash mirrors and speak of the law as their protector?

    Why can you not protect yourselves, sheepies? baaahhhh.
  19. Well, this works for me :D.
  20. Re: Pople simply don't see us.

    Perhaps the decline started 35 years ago with riders referring to other riders and folks as sweetie, sugar plumb and darlings... :? :-k Just a thought. :)