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People riding around with my number plate!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by r1 robert, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. :evil: One week ago i had picked up my mates R1 for him as he was working, returning his bike at night i saw two r1's, a 2000 model and 05. I thought i could go for a drag untill i came close behind his ar$e and noticed my number plate. I gave chase the guys turned off down sunshine village complex. I stoped went in the police station and told them someone is driving around with my plates so he told me he couldn't do anything about cause he is busy (bullshit). Anyway i left there went to the complex confronted the bastard and said what r u doing with my plates he said he chosen these plates randomly, he's lost his lic. I gavehim a spray and nearly belted the shit out of him. He had done a petrol drive off at shell petrol stationinbound with the no. plate worth $20. I paid a monthago furious that i knew it wasn' me! He rides a white 2004 or 2005 R1 complete white wheels & white body. It makes me sick with these people on the road. I remember his plates so he knows that he puts it on again (watch out). :twisted:

  2. Before I confronted him, I would have tied his bike to my truck.
    Then tell him.

    Remove that plate and give it to me NOW, or I drive away. Very simple. No questions. You do not get to think about this. Do it now.

    ... but I'd also have FluffyDonkey with me to kill them if things got out of hand :p
  3. If it's got your plates then doesn't that make it your bike :wink: :twisted: .
  4. I would have gone off my rocker with that story...
    Lost his license, and using someone else's plates...

    I would have kicked over his bike and taken the plates back, all after i knocked him unconscious... :evil:

    Whats he gonna do, report you? "Umm... this guy beat me up cos i stole him number plates" :LOL:
  5. whats your plate number? that way if we see him we can go and retrieve it for you.

    Also i'd call 000 and report it, that way it's on record if anything happens.
  6. believe me i went off my nutts at him, he actually made it out of cardboard, looks exactly like the real thing, i grab it off him but he better pray he dosen't try to make another one cause he won't find his bike anymore if he does!

    How could you even do that in the first place?
  7. The police did nothing when i reported it especially about the drive off said it was ur plates so u pay for the drive off, but actually different colour bike, he wouldn't let me see the footage of the driveoff, bastard (security reason). The constable at sunshine was a newbie Constable E Jackson i will make a complaint!
  8. Did you tell the guy with the cardboard plate he owes you $20?

    ... and did he respond?
  9. too pissed off to worry about the $20. If i had stayed and ask for the money i reckon i still be in the cop shop right now!
  10. Shoulda taken an indicator off his bike and sold it to a weckers for $20 :)

    Ahhhh hind-sight... why are we so bold and full of awesome ideas 24 hours after the fact? :p
  11. (i) You do not owe the money, and if you have paid, it demand it back. If you have paid it, and they will not return it you have a case. In support of the above, go to a police station, write a stat dec, and then write a letter explaining the above situation.
    At the same time, demand a copy of the tape.

    (ii) Report the whole situation to the police again, but pick a more senior person. The bike rider has broken quite a few laws.

    (iii) PM me if u need any more advice.
  12. Kinda getting pretty sad when someone spends around $5 and a couple of hours just to steal $20 worth of juice! Were they personal plates or standard vicroads issue?
  13. he said they were made of cardboard.... :? nice!
  14. That joker doesn't deserve to be on the road but his bike does.... shiny side down.
  15. thankyou the tramp64 i will report it to a more senior police person and follow up on it especially the money!
    The plates were standard vic road plates he probably walked aroung my shop where i usually park my bike and write down the plates. Who knows what hes thinking when he done that!
  16. i know where he parks his bike for work (Elizabeth st vic market end) so if i have any trouble i know where to find him!!!!!!
  17. lol the price of cardboard just went up, or maybe he did a quality job and spraypainted & stencilled it! Still a dogs act none-the-less. The police reaction is also a concern. :eek:
  18. Then police acually said "we cn't do nothing about it cause by the time we put the siren on there flying already" so be it. Dosen't that shit ya!
  19. yep I was pinged for speeding near Flowerdale and the kind soul with a badge asked me why i didn't take off? Too much paperwork methinks!
  20. +1 on thetramp's comments, you don't owe anything, and i would lodge a formal complaint on the police officer, new doesn't cut it as an excuse.