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People not showing up for stupid installation things

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. God it shits me.

    You know the ones, "be home between 1 - 5 pm and we will install your (whatever service).

    And it gets to 5 and you realize that you just wasted your whole afternoon waiting for some douchebag who doesn't have the courtesy to call.

    You then get on the phone and complain, (assuming that the phone was not the thing waiting to be connected) and they say "oh no it's our contractors fault we will re book you in for 2 weeks time" or whatever and it's like "I WILL BREAK YOUR (insert body part)".


    Long story short - big red mark across Internode's name in my book. It's not like i lost out on wages or anything by being at home for 5 hours...
  2. That, or informing them very clearly: I am working a night shift beforehand...DO NOT come until the afternoon. 9am comes and there's a loud knocking at your door....of course....
  3. specialy with the weather we had today
  4. Could be worse. Optus tech did show up to install at the correct time and proceeded to do $1700 damage to my roof, steal roof tiles from one neighbors property to try and cover up and ran the cable over my neighbours house on the other side so now I have both sides pissed off at me. Oh and he put the socket smack bang in the middle of a wall at eye level. I would have counted my lucky stars if he hadn't turned up.
  5. I removed and installed my own dishwasher last night, it got done, at my pace but the only inconvenience is that I aint as young as I'd like to be, slept like a baby though lol
  6. Had the kitchen light hanging from one screw for a week, electrition was suppost to show up on monday. Not that anybody bothered to ring or tell us what was going on.
  7. I signed up for iinet and I did not even have to be home for any installation, which was sweet.
    But they did get my last name wrong (malkovich instead of markovich, easy mistake to make) which caused the email with details of my internet connection to be sent to the wrong address.
    But a phone call to a lovely Asian lady smoothened that all out for me.
    There were a couple of internet hiccups where I had to restart the modem when I first hopped on, but it seems to have smoothened out now.
    Very good service and I highly recommend them. (y)
  8. im a sparky so see this stuff a bit, and i always enjoy seeing optus and telstra techs work.
  9. It was worse when the housing boom was on. Tradies didn't even try to do the right thing in terms of showing up for an appointment.
  10. I scheduled Telstra to come install a phone + internet bundle. They were scheduled for Monday last week, didn't show, called Telstra, they said it had been rescheduled for saturday for some reason. Nobody let me know...

    They come on Saturday, and I find out he just does the phone. It'll be another week until I have fixed line internet at home.

    FFS, what is this, 2001?