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people mover recommendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbie55, May 27, 2011.

  1. Without saying too much it looks like I'm going to have to trade in my beloved VW Passat for at least a 6 seat people mover.

    Budget up to $30k but could be a bit more depending on what it is.

    Prefer not to get the SUV based ones but if you've found them to be considerably better than the other alternatives let me know.

    Was thinking mainly of the Honda Odyssey, Subaru Exiga etc anyone had one of these?

    All suggestions and issues any one has had with any people mover appreciated.
  2. Nimbus
  3. A work colleague bought an Odyssey when her parents came to visit - it managed to accommodate her, her husband, her parents, two teenage boys and a golden retriever without any difficulty. She and her husband seemed quite happy with it.
  4. HiAce minibus or similar. Let's face it, no people mover is going to be fun to drive, so you might as well get something with low service and spares costs and absolutely cavernous interior space so you can take some of the seats out and get a bike in there. That points to a proper commercial rather than an inflated passenger car.
  5. I know a bloke that's got one of those Chrysler Voyager things. Been for a short ride in it. Was very comfortable and seemed to drive well. He's very happy with it. Bit more than 30 g's though I think.
  6. I'm biassed, but I don't think you can beat a Territory.

    whatever you choose though with very few exceptions, don't expect to be able to take much luggage in the car with you if you fill all the seats with people
  7. Thanks for the suggestions - luggage won't really be an issue as it will generally be around town or just a day out.

    I like the idea of being able to get a bike in the back but have already dismissed some of the commercial van based ones (EG VW Caddy life) as they don't have airbags for rear passengers etc.

    Not ruling out the SUV type (EG Territory) ones totally but they tend to cost more and offer less, I think this is because of their popularity and the fact that 7 seats was really an afterthought rather than the in the initial design breif.
  8. I would say Honda Odyssey only because it looks nice. Don't know much about them but have heard they run out of puff real quick when fully laden.

    Taragos (the newer ones...not square or bullet shape one) are pretty good, especially for space. Can be filled with spare room for junk in the boot, not the best hill climber but when full you don't expect it to. My dad has a 1996 Getaway Tarago which is a pig when the car is full, but it does have 4 wheel drive system which makes it pretty awesome. Uncle has a 2006 model which is really good, smooth and has decent poke for a people mover...service isn't too bad either.

    Territory is nice, but there are some issues with the drive systems on the early models so I was told, but that could have just been a bad batch. Other than that, it is pretty good in comfortability and drive, tows well and has abundant of parts (same engine as Falcons). However fuel economy is pretty shit. Not sure what service fees are like though.

    Hiace would be good, but as you say...safety features are not the best being a commercial vehicle, but is pretty versatile.
  9. i kick people movers in moving traffic and key them in carparks.
    try a people mover forum.
  10. Honda Odyssey; I've got a mate whose done over 460,000 kms in his, never missed a beat...
  11. There is a reason the Kia Grand Carnival is the best selling people mover in Australia, it's quite simply without a doubt the best bang for your buck.

    The Honda Odyssey is nicer to drive but the 3rd row of seats is for kids or midgets,

    The Toyota Tarago is more gutless than just about anything else I've driven (when it's loaded, empty it's ok) and it still manages to drink fuel.

    The Mitsubishi Grandis is actually pretty reasonable, not quite as car like as the Honda but nicer to drive than the Tarago or the Grand Carnival.

    The Grand Carnival comes into it's own if you really want a people mover that will carry a load of full size adults in comfort on the highway and still have enough power for safe overtaking. It's the cheapest and the most powerful and well equipped.

    The early (2 generations earlier) carnivals did have engine problems but that was solved in the generation before the current one.
  12. The Carnival is certainly big, but, having driven a couple of Kias (not the Carnival, however) and found them to be the dullest, most uninspired and soggy modern vehicles I've driven (possibly beaten only by a SSangYong soft roader I had the misfortune to have a go in) I'd need an impressive test drive to be convinced.
  13. put 2 side cars on the bike
  14. carnival hands down. We've had one for 5 adults, and 3 children in seats(one rear facing), the V6 pulls well.

    My father in law is a fleet manager for a council, and all the employees request the carnival's now over the tarago, as its a far superior ride, and power.

    I took it over Mt Glorius and had a laugh. Handled it quite well, though the brakes were hot at the bottom(My folks live near Wivenhoe).
  15. Had a look at a cx9?
  16. Half a dozen Bandit 1250s?
  17. Not really a people-mover, way too squeezy.

    Might be worth looking at a 2008-on Chrysler Grand Voyager. Poor resale means it's a used bargain. More of these on the road ( worldwide ) than any other people mover means cheap parts and easy to fix. Good to drive ( for it's kind ) and much, much more refined than the Kia. Also available in a diesel,
  18. A family friend lost two kids in a relatively moderate rear end accident - I'd never own one and I'll never allow my kids to travel in the rear seat set... This was in a brand new Chrysler 2 years ago...
  19. Sorry to hear that bluefreak - it is a concern for me as well and so have decided that at least a five star rating is a must - trouble is most five star ratings do not apply to all five passengers. The only one I can find that does and is on sale in Aus is actually the Citroen C4 picasso.
  20. Nowt wrong with Citroens (as long as you don't have to work on them yourself that is).

    The thing with the rear seats in a lot of people movers is that there's not much crumple zone between them and a shunt. And ANCAP don't test for rear impacts AFAIK, though maybe they should start given the prevalence of rear-enders in Australia.