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People leaving Exit lanes to last minute

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by gsxr1000ben, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Last night heading home along the Warrego Hwy, comin up to my exit lane a car flys up along side me and decides with about 50 meters to exit lane he wants in (keeping in mind there is no traffic in front or behind me) he jams on breaks flys into my lane forcing me on breaks and over the white lines on side of highway.. Sick of impatient a$$holes who couldnt give a crap about other road users!!!! It also happens alot with people just not looking argh!! Vented..

  2. Cars are fun.
  3. on a gix 1000 you could have seen him coming and got on the throttle? would have been a blip in the mirror by the time you got out of second :p

    seriously tho, i know what you mean, happens to me all the time. they see a p plate on the back and suddenly its a race
  4. haha yeah saw him coming but wasnt expecting the swerve? lol
    yeah im not sure why people try racing a 1000 mental retardation?
  5. Try being a girl on a 1000, Every time I ride mouses gix every fkn tool wants to show me how awesomely fast his car is (not fast enough :D).
  6. haha i could only imagine! but then i would love to see how they feel when they get blasted :D
  7. It's just pure ignorance of the performance capabilities of crotch rockets.

    Which is a good thing in a way. If regular people (i.e. wowsers) knew we had access to Bugati Veyron like acceleration for $16,490 ride away, we'd probably have a 100 bhp limit like la France. :)
  8. eww 100 bhp? that would be lame :D good point!