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People, in general, are shit

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Azamakumar, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Drove into the city tonight expecting to buy a few things. Only had around 60c on me for the meter so chucked that in and crossed the road to 7-11 before I realised I could just pay with a CC. Head back across and wait behind a couple to get my hr and a half ticket, when the ute right in front of me violently moves backwards.

    Look up to see a black astra with its reverse lights on. Scared as **** they were going to go forward into my car I fumbled to get my phone out of my pocket. Then the ~50yo woman looked around at the 10 odd people that saw what she did and drove off.

    It was a big hit too, enough to move it backwards, there's no way she didn't feel it, and if she didn't she sure as shit shouldn't be on the road. What suprised me though wasn't her chucking a runner, it was the fact that of the 10 people that saw it, 8 of em just kept walking, one of em quickly lined up the front of the ute and proclaimed that it was fine because there was no damage and then she left too.

    From memory 4 of em were getting in or had just gotten out of their cars and were getting tickets, guess nobody gives two shits so long as its not your car they hit. Left a note under the wiper with my name and number + the rego of the car, but when I got back after the shopping it'd pissed down and it was ruined.

    So yeah pointless rant over. Also obligatory name and shame: rego was AIS-47B. Reclaim her mirror if you see it.
  2. I think the world is definitely changing for the worse, but this has been covered/mentioned ad nauseum.
    Well done mate for getting the details and posting above. In reality and from what you've mentioned, nobody does give a rats about anyone else but themselves. Generally speaking, selfishness, inconsiderate and 'immature' behaviour is all we mostly see on the roads nowadays. Even, as in the case above, where someone has damaged someone else's property and not claimed responsibility.
    I played back an office answering machine message some years ago, of an 'unhappy' customer leaving this message for my then boss :

    "G'day _____, every dog has its day - you'll f***ing have yours"

    The driver of that vehicle will be appropriately 'seen' to, one day. Call it 'karma' or whatever else.
  3. I'm not usually into Karma or spiritiual type shit, but lately there have been people in my life that deserve to get absolutely ****ed on, so lets hope Karma does exist, and in your case, the moron cager gets pwned.
  4. Woke to a text, guess the rain didn't ruin my note after all. On the other hand, I may not have been clear enough that I was just a witness to the incident. I guess he'll figure that out when he goes for more details from the cops if he doesn't listen to me.

    Also, +karma for me, great way to start a friday.
  5. Choose the right. **** what anyone else thinks. I was up in Sydney this week, saw a scooter knocked over by a black 4WD reversing. He high tailed it straight out but not before three witnesses took down his number. I left my note with theirs after picking up the scooter.
  6. The bottom line is...people are shit!

    Don't know but, the cost of living is so friggin high at the moment & is about to get a whole lot worse. People just can't afford anything out of the ordinary & I think that may lead to these 'flight' decisions that people are making!?

    That, & people get so angry that they just avoid confrontation at all costs??

    Thanks Oprah!!
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bystander_effect

    Once one person does something, people start helping. However, if there isn't someone with enough courage to start helping, nobody will. Even in a crowded city street. Good on you for being that person
  8. great find toadcat...

    i've experienced that!

    one day a dude got hit by a train in front of 4 lanes of traffic stopped at the crossing. I was about 8 cars back, saw a shoe go flying and had time to filter up to the front, go check what the f*** happened, realize a guy was stuck under the train, ditch my gear, get over there and start rendering first aid before anyone had even got out of their car...

    I was like wtf.... A dude just got hit by a train and y'all are just gona sit there staring at the train parked on the level crossing...
  9. See i think it all leads back to them taking corporal punishment out of schools.
    Now they can get away with anything. All they get is "Who's a bad boy then. What have you done"
    Give them a good flogging and they know there is a consequence for their actions.
  10. I think it may also be due to recent changes in the public's (incorrect) perception of how volunteers and good samaritans are liable when rescuing others
  11. It is all part of the modern safetycrat system, there are no unpleasant consequences for your actions. If you don't do as we say you get a fine and re-education. We will keep you safe from that nasty dangerous world out there but we need you to trust us. It is costing more than we thought, due to other peoples unacceptable opinions, so we need more money. Some of them still won't change their attitude, we need more powers to force them to see the light. You just need to keep trusting us and there never needs to be an unpleasant consequence for anyone ever again.
    Would I lie to you?
  12. yes people are shit i know i am one and so are we all
  13. Just because bashing fuckwads is illegal doesn't mean it isn't wrong. Even in a PC world it's still to be encouraged by those who see the folly. Call it Darwinism if it makes you feel better.
  14. Fixed Chefie.
  15. Thanks mate. I've had my share this week.
  16. Just to rub it in I have been bush and only seen 2 people in the last 2 months.

    Sorry that was a low blow but irresistible.
  17. In defence of people, and the Genovese syndrome, I do this myself. If there's nobody there or I'm the first there, I'll move heaven and earth to help, because there is no other help. But if I'm the 11th person along, then I don't want to be part of a crowd of gawkers. There's help at hand - let them help. All I am is part of the traffic jam, blocking the ambulance access. C U later.

    PS Sole exception: It's a bike accident, the bike is still on its side in the middle of the road, and the rider is clearly not dead and not about to become dead, there are witnesses and phone pics and names being exchanged (ie, the circumstances are not in dispute) I will (and have) pick it up and get it off the road. I've been the one sitting down, and it's what I'd want done.
  18. KD you have commonsense, if we all had that the world might be different.
  19. Reminds me of Slipknot's albume... people = shit.
  20. Meh, thats nothing.

    My brother once threw his back out on a Brisbane train station which had him laid out on the floor on his back in agony. People just stepped over him, he didnt think he needed an ambulance so he had to call his collegues to come get him from the platform. Even if i had no duty of care in my line of work (medical) i would still sit with somone to comfort them till proffesional help arrived. Its just that these days i am the proffessional help so i love helping out where i can.

    As for the car incident, if i saw that shit id have no hesitation in stopping the driver and keeping them in situ till coppers or car owner arrived, and if it means i have to sneakily snatch the keys, i'll do what i have to do so the innocent person gets justice.

    **** most people, in this digital world people dont give 2 shits about others but themselves and their facebook virtual friends.

    I hate it.