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Pentagon releases 9/11 video

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, May 17, 2006.

  1. Yahoo news: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060517/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/sept_11_video

    What a crock. The truth is not being told - that's not to say that I have an alternative, but I do know one thing about plane crashes from having studied them as a student pilot... in EVERY crash there will be recognisable plane crash debris - bit's of fuselage, papers, bric-a-brac etc ... which all seem curiously missing from any of the pentagon photos...

    There are photo's at the link showing the moment of impact...

    Make your own judgement.


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  2. Yeah...right on, Elvis did it.
  3. There's some weird shit going on with that stuff. Where exactly WAS Elvis when this happened?
  4. Las Vegas?
  5. Sort of correct, Inci. But you of all people should know that it wasn't an airliner - it was a UFO stolen by Elvis when he was trying to escape from the aliens who abducted him when they found him working in a hamburger joint as an undercover FBI agent after faking his death.

    Unfortunately Elvis was stoned and instead of landing on the roof, put it into the side of the building where, because of the exotic material it was made from, it completely disintegrated without a trace. The US Government has covered it up because it's still got the Rockwell UFO that it's trying to flog on the inter-galactic black market and it doesn't want prospective buyers to know how un-roadworthy these things really are.

    (And Men in Black was really a documentary...) :shock:

  6. ...heartbreak hotel...
  7. There are UFO's from Rockwell and Roswell? What about the one that crashed in Sydneys West and now has neons, a massive exhaust and a kickin' subwoofer!
  8. i dunno I think he was in the ufo making home movies of a weather baloon :LOL:
  9. hey wasnt rockwell the town out of destroy all humans?
  10. That's the whole thing - it's really in Rockwell in Ireland (the special school for extra-terrestrial agents) :LOL:

    The Roswell story was only a blind... :wink:

    That Sydney one wasn't really a UFO - more a ILO (Identified Lebanese Object :LOL: ) I see them in Sydney Road all the time... :p

    There's no way I'm admitting to a typo unless I have to
  11. Not that I'm cynical at all ... but ... this "video" or sequence of "stills" has been around on the 'net for quite a while and with George Double-Ya polling at an all-time low in the popularity stakes this wouldn't be a timely, "let's remind everyone" P.R. exercise would it :?: :?: :shock: :roll: :roll:

    Not to diminish in any way, the horrific events of that day, but there are so many websites, with so many theories, some more plausible than others and ohhhhhh so many questions left unanswered .... Google till ya drop!!!
  12. I, for one, love a good conspiracy!
  13. If it wasn't Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon, what happened to the plane and (more importantly) the 189 missing people?

    D'oh! Of course! Guantanamo!!!
  14. Nope, there's special camps set up on George Dubya's ranch where they're being kept as slave labour. :LOL:
  15. Ever seen a 777 in real life? Those things are BIG. That thin white streak that we see just before it hits is NOT a 777.
  16. Ive seen photos taken immediatley after impact and the hole in the side of the building isnt that big either. if i remember correctly, the entry point doesnt correspond to the trajectory of the plane either. hardly any witnesses to it . they were very quiet re: the Pentagon as opposed to the more publicly visible towers.
  17. Now that is an interesting fact, especially since the 777 only made its first flight on March 8, 2005.............sorry Elvis, all is forgiven.
  18. ..as you'll note, I veered away from actually stating a conspiracy theory... but when the pentagon's own official pics show no debris - the official story collapses in a heap.

    1. I've seen those pics before and read that "the powers that be" claim conspiracy theorists doctored the pics to remove jumbo debris and therefore support their conspiracy theory... ok then... so what does it mean when the pentagon release the debris free pics as the official pics???! :shock:

    2. If a jumbo flew into the pentagon, where are the wing imprints on the parts of the pentagon still standing...? The fuselage (if it didn't crumple like an accordian) could have possibly made the puncture type damage... but the wings would have been sheered off and left behind... where are the wings?

    3. But let's just say for arguments sake, that the official CIA/homeland security story is true... i.e, that the plane vapourised in a horrendously hot fire... where are the scorch marks on the building and lawn?? Where's the intense fire footage? Why would the tail section have vapourised - theres no fuel there? And how do you account for the jet engines having vapourised????? The engine blades (at least) are made of an exotic metal alloy which has a melting point well above jet fuel combustion temperature....?? How could the engines have vapourised??

    Even with a the barest of cursory glances, the official story doesn't hang together...

    Why would the PTB concoct such a bunch of baloney? What are they really hiding??

    Good question Grommit.
  19. Its funny how things come around to bite you in the arse.