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Penrite Oils

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MR_PEA, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. I was thinking of using Penrites HPR10 Gas oil in my CBR600 F4i
    has anyone used this oil in a similar style bike or engine? im still at uni and moneys a bit tight atm.. and i just got new tyres..
    and i found this oil listed as suitable for my bike on the Penrite web site...


    are there any bad effects from running this oil over Castrol Active 4T (full synth 10W40). i know the penrite gas10 is a semi synth oil, but i cant seem to find a reason to not use the penrite..

    any ideas guys?
  2. I have used Penrite HPR GAS 10W-50 semi-synthetic in my ZZR-250 for the last 2,500 km with good results.

    It costs $39.95 for 5 litres at Repco Ringwood. I'll be using 4,000 km drain intervals to compensate for the fact it is not a motorcycle-specific oil. Even so, it will cost half the price overall of using a motorcycle-specific full-synthetic oil. I personally can't be stuffed putting Mobil 1 or even Motul 5100 in a bike worth $4k so I reckon Penrite is fine. ;)
  3. Should be okay.

    For those interested Bel-Ray 10-40w semi-synthetic is $25 for 4 litres at PS in the city at the moment.
  4. most car specific oils have friction modifiers ( or whatever they are called ) which when combined with a motorcycles wet cluctch (cars have a dry clutch) causes clutch slip.

    if you want to save some cash... look at caltex delo 400.
    it can be had for about $100 for 20l or about $40 for 5l and runs well with a wet clutch system.

    i tried it on a previous bike with average results, but as soon as my new bike is out of warranty ill probably give it another go.
  5. On that issue, Penrite HPR GAS 10 has NO friction modifiers (good), whereas Penrite HPR 10 has friction modifiers (bad).

    I have also confirmed by email that Penrite SIN 10, a fully-synthetic oil, has NO friction modifiers either, and is recommended for use in motorcycles.
  6. well there you go. just make sure to look on the back and see which standards and whatnot it complies with an see how it relates to your bike specific oils and oils like delo 400
  7. Cheers guys ill give it a go on the next service..
  8. slick, how far were you running between oil changes with the delo?
  9. good news, i have been running HPR 10 GAS for the last 500kms with out any dramas.
  10. um i only used it for two changes on my old 600. honestly it felt too thick for melb winter temps and it added a cold noise which didnt sound good
  11. Isn't the Active 4T $36 or so for 4 litres any way?
  12. Well, here are three good reasons to buy the Penrite:

    (1) Penrite HPR GAS 10 is semi-synthetic, Castrol Active 4T is mineral.
    (2) HPR GAS is API SL rated, while Active 4T is API SG rated.
    (3) Penrite is Australian owned, Castrol is owned by British Petroleum (BP).

    4500 kms for me, running well.
  13. also Active 4T, is a 15w40 oil... where as the penrite is a 10w40 oil...
  14. What did you end up going with?
  15. Please explain? Besides the fact that 10w will flow a little better for a minutes when the engine is started, which in a cold climate like aus is a must :).

    Generally the 15w40 will have a minimum HT/HS value of 3.5 were as a 10w40 only need to be 2.9.

    But the question is who supplies there base stock? Caltex, Shell, BP, and Mobil are the only ones that have refineries in Aus. Penrite like Nulon are just blenders so 80-90% of the oil comes from the above or overseas and usually from the lowest bidder.
    And the second questing is where do they buy there additive packs ( the other 10-20% of the oil make up)?
  16. Belray will be your best bet, which is what I use, and is made from Pennsylvania crude oil, which is known to be the best crude in the world.... Synthetic or mineral but preferably not the semi ....
  17. Well, for what it's worth, Penrite HPR GAS 10 claims it is 10W-50 with a HT/HS value of 5.0 at 150 *C.

    Not that I know what that latter statistic means, there's just so many of them! See here, page 28 of the pdf.

    Well, for what it's worth, Repco have recently changed their supplier for their Repco branded oil from Mobile to Penrite, so perhaps there's something in that (other than cost!).

    As for the additive packs, if you want peace of mind that respect, you're probably better off with something like Delo 400. I do oil changes at 4,000 km intervals, so hopefully I'm changing the oil before the additive packs are no longer protecting the oil from breakdown.

    Why not the semi-synthetic?
  18. I was just referring to what MR-PEA wrote I didn't go to Penites web site. But it looks like a good oil. Only thing is LPG formulated oils generally have less detergents and dispersant's in them cos LPG burns cleaner then Petrol and the oil doesn't need to worries about all of the carbon blow by, etc. This being the case for HPR 10 Gas am not sure.

    Naaa i fail to belive that Repco switched there supplier based on oil quality :) its cos of the price. Repco is owned by Dunlop and they are all about the profit margin. Its not like Repco brand oils have a reputation to uphold.

    All i was saying is that while Penrite is an australian company it blends products from companies that are owned overseas. And i think that Penrite buy majority of there base stock from Castrol anyways but its from the cheapest supplies at the end of the day. And there slogain is a bit misleading "Australian Owned and Made" I dont think so. Should be more like "Australian Owned and Made from products that bare overseas interests". I dont like companies that exploit the whole "Australian Owned and Made" too many of them around.

    Don't get me wrong Penrite do blend some good oils.

    Anyways that my rant for the nite :) have a good one.

    BTW @ 4Kkm OCI there are still plenty of add packs in the oil so there is nothing to be alarmed about.
  19. Cheers mate, that's very helpful information. ;)