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VIC Penny pinching reaching new lows at Vic Roads

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by razorcat, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. So my daughter is going for her learners shortly and went to download and print the Vic Roads handbook to study for the test.

    The bean counters have decided that while you can download the handbook, you can't print it. For some reason the print function has been disabled on the website and after you've downloaded. Oh, but the book is available for purchase if you want a hardcopy.

    The conspiracy theorist in me screams that this is just another strategy to make it harder to get bikes on the road...

  2. Use a different pdf reader? (eg Ghostview allows you to print it)
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  3. Wow, what a bunch of scumbags.

    Here you go (unlocked and saved without the print protection).

    Part 1
    Part 2
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  4. Wow - ^^^ you guys rock! Now printed in brilliant colour (using work's facilities of course).

    Gotta love a small win against a dirty big government agency (and a workplace). (y)
  5. I am sure it was locked back in 2005 when I wanted a copy. Don't think this is new thing.
  6. Dunno, wasn't locked when I got a copy last year. Maybe they forgot. It's still tighter than a nun's nasty, so I'm not averse to circumventing the half-arsed "protection" in this case.
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  7. Nope I printed out two copies last year. It does say in the book that amendments were made in December 2012 so that may have been when they locked it.
  8. I thought they were interested in safety and WANTING people to read it
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  9. There's your problem right there.
  10. Nothing for nothing in this state. Pay pay pay . We'll keep you bastards poor.
  11. I vaguely recall the hardcopies being free? (thouh my l's were 8 years ago)

    Either way, as long as you can still print the question bank off :D
  12. Looks like they are doing other things with our money .. I may need a new t-shirt

    VicRoads chiefs under fire over $190,000 spent on overseas trips
    • by: Amelia Harris
    • From:Herald Sun
    • January 28, 201312:00AM

    One benefit of the trips by executives was said to be the "continued promotion and awareness of VicRoads' brand internationally". Source: Supplied
    JET-SETTING VicRoads executives have been slammed for spending almost $190,000 of taxpayers' money on overseas trips.
    The public forked out for airfares, accommodation and expenses for top executives to go to India, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Germany and the US. Trips to Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates were also approved.
    One benefit was said to be the "continued promotion and awareness of VicRoads' brand internationally".
    Documents obtained by the State Opposition using Freedom of Information laws showed that in March, one staffer went to a world road association technical committee meeting in France, costing $8340.
    Another executive went to France for a taskforce meeting on a road safety manual, which cost $12,350.
    Both executives were allowed $345 a day for meals and incidentals.
    Spokesman Sally Pickering said VicRoads was an international business whose expertise was highly sought after around the world.
    The cost and duration of the trips, taken between February 2011 and July 2012, and the benefit to Victoria were considered, she said.
    The trips were approved by an executive director, CEO Gary Liddle, or Roads Minister Terry Mulder.
    But Opposition roads spokesman Luke Donnellan questioned the trips' value.
    "Why are we sending so many road safety experts overseas to assist with road safety, when we haven't even got a comprehensive road safety policy from this Baillieu-led State Government?" Mr Donnellan said.
    Mr Mulder said Mr Donnellan should get behind road safety rather than playing politics with it.

  13. What. The. Fcuk? -How is VicRoads a "brand'? Why does VicRoads have any sort of international profile? What. The. Fcuk?!
  14. ^^^^^ because they THINK ''what they do is worlds best practice and the world should follow . delusional arrogant fcukers ''
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  15. Reading a bit further, there's this nugget; "Spokesman Sally Pickering said VicRoads was an international business whose expertise was highly sought after around the world." Expertise gained how? By overseeing the motoring population component of a pissy approx 5 million total state residents in an isolated corner of the world. Compare that to equivalent Gov Dept's around the world. Talk about legends in their own lunchbox!

    I fully agree!
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  16. "international business whose expertise was highly sought after around the world."
    So why aren't the countries seeking their expertise paying the fucking costs?
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  17. I find it incredible that they are publicly admitting that VICRoads is a business!
  18. Vicroads giving advice to France or Germany is roughly the same as Harold Scruby giving Mark Webber advice on cornering.

    Perhaps the other countries are simply hosting a "Dinner for Schmucks" in which case whoever invited vicroads would win by a country mile
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  19. And $345 a day for meals and incidentals????

    I imagine breakfast is already taken care of, as would be any transport. So that leaves $345 for a sandwich for lunch and a parma and pot for dinner.

    I guess the remaining $300 would get pocketed. That's what any sensible public servant would do...
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