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penlty for going straight from a turning lane?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by trd2000, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. ok i was going to cut in front of some cars stopped at a red light and used the turning lane to get to the front... as i got near the front the light went green so i didn't cut back across.... the lane i was in had a red arrow, but i didn't turn.... what exactly have i done... changed lanes in an intersection?

  2. I lost 2 points for "failing to obey a left turn lane marking" a few years ago. Sounds like the same situation as your thread title.
    Was riding back from a run and genuinely didn't know that the lane went left and moved over to the middle of three lanes. Plod wouldn't listen and I couldn't prove that it was a valid error, especially as I had filtered to the front of the queue from the left lane (something I would never do in a normal filtering situation).
    Sucked it up and counted myself lucky that plod hadn't seen me earlier when I may have been testing the Z1000's high speed stability.
  3. hmmm this ones a camera.... hopefully they either dont bother, dont get the plate, or give me a ticket for turning.... i have a video to prove i didn't
  4. In that case here's hoping that you are OK. Unfortunately for me, the little porker who literally jumped out of his car with his hand on his holster and ran towards me must have had the decorators in because I've never seen a plod so eager to book someone.
  5. I saw almost the exacts same thing on Burwood Hwy last Saturday. Had this Duc( I think he was heading to Lygon St for a Latte) showing off with his take off's at the lights as I seem to always get in front of him. So there I am sitting at the lights in Knoxfielf near the cop shop where there is a Red light camera. The Duc rider decided to filter via the right hand turning lane but the lights turned green except the right turn arrow. He then got flash as he went straight ahead.