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Peninsular Blatt. Queens B/Day afternoon.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by streetmaster, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Might be up for this one SM, the fog is gonna hang around quite a while I think so an unusually late start is a good idea. Any ideas on the route ?
  2. In like Flynn.
  3. Your old stomping grounds !!! I could easily take a back seat with you up front!!
    I usually do something like this.
    But you know plenty better roads down that way!! :D
  4. Hey you missed out one of the good bits on Cape Shank Rd the Flinders twisty bits, and I havent been down there for a long time Dave since we moved to Boganwater in preparation of the new house in Emerald. Your ride SM I will follow as long as you keep off the bloody dirt .
  5. hmm I see a challange of not loosing streetmaster on a ride in my future.
  6. Are we going down the coast road to get to Safety Beach first?
  7. You coming THIS time [MENTION=35088]aussieak[/MENTION]?
  8. Maybe
  9. Weather's gonna be good, should be a good ride....what's the problem?

    Or do you prefer riding in the rain??
  10. getting lost to the meeting point for starters LOL :cheeky: getting my bike dirty! I just polished her today.
  11. Geez aussie...you won't get lost. Take Eastlink, get off at Seaford Rd (going left). You'll ride right into the intersection and see the maccas over the road.

    As for getting your bike dirty....puleeese.
  12. Nice one Streety - gotta get some K's done tomoz to click over for my service on Wednesday......I reckon I might be in....

    Road condition down that way?
  13. what time does this look like finishing up as I have an appointment late afternoon in Pakenham?
  14. 1. Don't worry Pricey, I don't like dirt either!!

    2. Roads are usually in pretty fair condition down that way.

    3. Anyone can leave at any point to get to appointments :D
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  15. Fixed!!!
    Didn't look at the map properly when I did it!! :eek:
  16. Had been thinking of Noojee wioth some variations that no-one else seems to do but Maybe I will just come on this.
  17. what's the weather like?
  18. Morning fog, then sunny.

    ETA: Probably the best weekend day we're gonna get for awhile - I'd grab it and run if I were you.
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  19. You've talked me into it, you silver toungued siren
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