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Peninsula Toy Run - are you going?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matti-san, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Anyone going on this run, I was going to do the city one but it is a bit far so looks the Peninsula for me. :grin:

    Anyway it would be great to catch up with some netriders as I will know nobody there! :(
  2. I think I'd rather do the Peninsula run ... is it on the same day (10th Dec)?

    Be good to meet some more folks from down our way! :grin:
  3. No I think it's the 2nd Dec - check www.toyrun.org.au My GF and I will be going for sure.
  4. Sounds like fun,is it bring a toy sort of thing,where do you meet??
  5. peninsula Toy run

    Will def be there , but where is the city run going to end up this year,
    I have doen the city run in th epast but gone are the days when we had a gren light all the way from Cranbourne to the destination and 2 many bikes get cooked in traffic.
  6. Rory, check http://www.toyrun.org.au/cms/index.php?page=Frankston all details are here. Toys that are still in their wrappers or toys that are suitable for older kids are always good.
  7. Sorry guys, but I'm not going to be able to join you. :(

    I have the work Xmas party in Melbourne the night before and will probably not be in the right state of health for riding Sat morning, particularly when I would still need to get back to Mornington beforehand. :p

    The silly season is well and truly here .... I might just have to jump on board with the main ride on the 10th .... I think I should be right be then. :wink: