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Peninsula Link Speed Cameras?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmythehuman, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Anyone know if the speed cams are turned on Peninsula link yet? If not when and are they likely to let us know before they come on?

    Are the camera locations documented anywhere?

  2. Take Moorooduc Rd it will be quicker
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  3. I'll let you know if the cameras are turned on in about six weeks' time. Just noticed them today. Looks like they're both front and rear facing?

    So far I've only spotted three under bridges.
  4. I was driving back from Safety Beach yesterday. I think every fcukwit in Melbourne who doesn't know how to 'keep left' or merge was on that road!
  5. I saw cameras at three locations in each direction under overpasses. Six all up although I'm not sure if they include point to point average speed cameras.
  6. good caffee lattees down at safety beach ?

    i hit that link 4 times over christmas. nothing in the mail yet.
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  7. Are you sure? It only opened on 19th January.

    I peek in car windows, and seems like a lot of old people who are driving slowly. Must all be making their sea change or something.
  8. not so sure now
  9. could have been a dirt bike
  10. Believe there will be 7 cameras all up, yep and including point to point.
    Governments gotta claw back the money somehow. Pity they can't ping those bloody right lane hoggers!
  11. Its unbelievable isnt it. I have never seen anything like it, they think nothing if sitting 95 in the right hand lane with a loooong line of cars behind them. Tradies are usually the worst...
  12. Dunno..I was on my Kawasaki...Oh that's right it's my Kwaka Jet Ski, which is parked next to my Honda, Triumph, another Kawasaki and a Ducati...

    Man, I wish they were doing 95!
  13. Hmm good to know that there are indeed point to point cameras now, I have been riding 'the link' twice a week now to visit my girlfriend entering at the start off Eastlink and exiting off at Golf Links Road exit and haven't quite stuck to the limit each time... maybe just a bit over like 110KPH but havent been stung yet. Will certainly stick to the limit now... well once I pass the first cam on my journey anyway ;)
  14. Wasn't paying strict attention, but the cameras seemed to be capturing from the front (didn't notice rear cameras) on the northbound lanes. Has any one noticed whether there are rear plate capturing cameras there? Surely the Govt wouldn't miss that opportunity would they?
  15. there are rear facing cameras as well, it's common sense, see a bridge overhead? Slow down
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  16. Or in Pennisula Links case, keep to the speed limit once you pass the first cam because there point to point so if you only slow down under the bridges you will still get stung!! Damn point to point bullshit!!
  17. on the good side... point to point is probably less likely for getting you for 3k's over at the bottom of a hill or over a crest when you THINK you're doing the limit... just cause it averages out.
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  18. Not sure if they are point to point I doubt it.
  19. "There will be six fixed speed cameras and point-to-point cameras, there will also be two booze bus sites set up and 24-hour CCTV along the road as well".