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Penguin in Vegas

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by boro_baba, May 12, 2008.

  1. A penguin is driving to Vegas.

    His car starts to overheat, so he stops at the first town he sees, and finds a gas station.

    He asks the mechanic on duty, "hey can you take a look at my car?"

    The mechanic says, "sure, give me about a half hour, you can hang out in the diner across the street."

    The penguin goes to the diner, and because it's hot, and he's used to the Antartic, he orders a bowl of ice cream so he can cool down.

    The waitress brings him the bowl of ice cream, and a spoon. But he's a penguin and he doesn't have hands, so he can holdthe spoon. (Don't ask me how he was steering the car.)

    He's hot, and thirsty, and hungry, so he just puts his beak in the bown, and starts eating.He makes a huge mess, but it's really good ice ceam, and he eats it all.

    He looks at his watch (I don't know where he puts his watch,since he's got no hands, but whatever.) He see's that it's been over 30 minutes, so he rushes back to the mechanic.

    The mechanic sees the penguin and says. "hey buddy, you blew a seal."

    The penguing, says, "no way man, it's just vanilla ice cream!"
  2. hahaha....gold.....love the common sense voice overs too :LOL:
  3. thats funny as, havent heard it before! :cool: