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Pending Bike decision

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bone, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Background- 6foot, 115kg, nearly 40, a bit of 2 up riding, 25km each way daily commute (no traffic or lights) all 80 to 100kmh zoned.

    Tossing up between
    Bandit 1250
    Monster 900

    Leaning more to the Gsx or zrx, the 5 sp box on a few of these concerns me.

    Thoughts? Looking to spend approx $6k
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  2. Welcome to the forum BoneBone , that's quite the selection there.. They are all nice bikes!

    The Fz1 looks quite good , especially in this mode... (food for thought)


    I dont envy your choice :)

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  3. Nice set of choices there mate! Can't give you any direct feedback advice, but only my standard "go and ride them all and see what floats your boat" mantra.

    Have fun!
  4. Think that's my problem haha have ridden all bar the 2 yamaha's
  5. Righto then, new task for this weekend - ride 2 Yammies, short list to 3 models and then go shopping!
  6. All good choices (the Duc isn't my idea of home maintenance but that's just me). After seven happy years ownership of mine, I can confirm that the CB1300 is pretty much bulletproof and two teeth off the rear sprocket solved the lack of 6th gear issue. You ride a wave of torque with the big naked fours and any would be a fun and dependable thing to own.
  7. I'm about the same height and weight as your self but l'm hitting the high 40's

    I have a GSX650F but will be upgrading to either a GSX1250FA or a Bandit 1250... test rode a couple of second hand bikes, awesome simple engine and amazing torque plus a great riding position.

    I must confess any of those bikes in your list would be an fantastic, but saying that a fairing would help above 100kph..

    Like everyone will say 'Go and ride them...'
  8. I would keep my eyes open for any of them, whatever comes up for a good price is the one to get.
  9. All good choices. I had a 1200 Bandit and it did everything well (not great, but darn good). Torque to burn, as it would be with the majority of the bikes on your list. The 1250 is more advanced and I have a few friends who them and they rave.

    I wouldn't worry about a 5 speed box on those bikes, you only need top gear of some of them.
  10. When you do try them out, does your pillion get any input ?
    I'm sure some of them will be much more comfortable than others.
  11. Good luck choosing
  12. I have an XJR so Im biased. the 5 speed gearbox was the only concern that I also had, but I since found that it has made me a lazy gear changer. The torque output makes up for a lack of 6th.
    The XJR is great 2-up, but I still get a sore-arse after about 3hrs & needs a small screen for any touring beyond town limits.

    I'm 6', but I'd think you wouldn't want to be any taller than me, as it may get a little cramped. However, everyone is different and the ergonomics may suit you, so go for a test ride.

    Your $6k budget will be a major factor in your choice of bike also.
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  13. Budget restrictions found me back on another Firestorm, forgot how good the v-twin grin can be haha

    Rode stacks of bikes, big fan of the fz1 but also now must own a gsxr1100 before I give up riding.
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