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penalty for riding un restricted bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dr650, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. HI just before i get any stupid ideas and jump on my mates r6 for a quick run can someone please advise me of the penalty for riding a bike not on the LAMS list in nsw.It is a matter of interest not something i will be doing.Cant find on the net...Thanks

  2. Not sure exactly how it works in NSW, but this is what happened to me in Vic...

    I still had my restricted licence (meaning I was only allowed to ride up to a 250cc down here) and I got pulled over on my GSX-R600.

    The cop gave me a $105 fine for riding the bigger bike (which ended up costing bout $140 coz I paid late), then we had a chat about how nice the bike was.

    Then they asked me to wait while they drove off before I rode home.

    Not ideal, but they didnt seem too stressed about it.
  3. Yeh if youre not an asshole to them then they will usually let you get away with a fine.

    Being very careful with what i say, a lot of us rode more powerful bikes than 250cc on our p plates as daily riders and never had a problem, so one squirt should be ok. More powerful bikes like 600cc's are a lot safer anyway as they have better braking than most 250s and if you need to get out of a situation quickly you have almost instant throttle response, on a 250 you have no hope even on an RR, i know this from experience.
  4. found a thread with info about my questions...thanks for the comments anyway...cheers