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Penalty for riding non lams bike in NSW?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rcdarkangel, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I know that someone is going to flame me for this but does anyone know the exact penalties for riding a non lams bike in NSW?

    I have looked everywhere I can think of and cant find it. Im happy with my cibby 250 its more for a mate that thinks its just a fine and no demerits. Im sure that you will lose your license, if someone could let me know that would great.

  2. Potentially the rest of his life.

    If he has a weak ass fender bender with someone who decides to get whiplash as a result of it, he'll be paying medical bills for years.

    Stick with the 250 you freaking retard (to your mate, not you lol)
  3. Yeah, the actual penalty is I think a fairly stiff fine and loss of your Ls with some kind of suspension period, but what screwball is talking about is that none of your insurance is valid if you're riding a bike for which you're not licensed. Any damage you do to anyone else's car or person comes out of your own pocket (r hide). Is it really worth the potential of running into a Porsche and starting your life a hundred grand in debt with nothing to show for it to ride something 6 months or a year earlier? Nup. I know that seems likea lifetime at your age, but you don't know what a lifetime is until you spend it trying to get out from under the consequences of one stupid decision.
  4. two points for riding outside restrictions and two points for no plate, so it just assumed that its a 4 point offence (3 month suspension).
    i cant remeber the combined cost of the fine but i think its around 400 bucks.

    i couldnt flame ya for doing it since i used to.
  5. this should have been in politics, laws and government. please have a read of this.
    also, it has been thrashed to death numerous times.
    please use the search function.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.