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QLD Penalty for carrying pillion?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by omie, May 26, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I've googled to no avail so maybe someone here knows.

    What is the penalty for carrying a pillion if your bike is only registered to be a single seater?

    All other threads I've read date back a few years to the point where if you registered a single seater you would have to change the seat and remove foot pegs, however now it seems that this is not required.


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  3. I think you should be more worried that your not covered by insurance. Don't want to insult you but I think it's pretty piss poor taking a passenger on a bike knowing they won't be covered. Medical expenses from motor vehicle accidents run into the millions of dollars.

    I can't be stuffed looking up the Qld legislation to help you. But think about the consequences for your passenger when shit goes wrong.
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  4. buy cheap sub 50cc scoot, and let them ride that or has that changed?
  5. It is still required that the bike be modified (if factory 2 seater) to have a seat with a max length (can't remember what it is now) and the pilion foot pegs unbolted and threads drilled or brackets cut off if they don't unbolt.

    The difference these days is that this mod is an owner certifiable mod now, you no longer have to get it inspected and signed off by a mod plate fitter.

    As already mentioned, forget the fine and demerits, consider the nil CTP for the pillion in the event of an accident. It will bite you ferociously.
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    The requirements for changing the seat and removing the footpegs have not changed, but the need for compliance plate has.

    Have to agree with CBFd here, and also add that there is most likely the provision for being fined being caught without making the required changes, even without a pillion.

    Should also add that the ONLY part of the registration process that you are saving just under $200 on is the CTP - the part that is there to protect your pillion (and others). How much do you really value the person on the back?
  7. Right on the money, thanks for that!

    Thank you to everyone else for their concern. Trust me I do not intend to break the law, I'm a little bike crazy at the moment spending my days doing anything bike related and a lot of people I know are registered single seaters but still have the longer seat and foot pegs. Then I somehow ended up at the point where I was wondering what the penalty was etc etc.. and when I couldn't find the answer it just started to annoy me that's all :)
  8. CBF'd is spot on here ....

    If you have not got your bike registered for a pillion passenger then your bike is NOT registered if you ride with a pillion passenger .... and if your bike is not registered you INSTANTLY void your insurance.

    Your life as you know it could not be worth living if something really bad happens.

    My 2c worth .... If you plan to ride with a pillion passenger but your bike is registered as a single rider (no pillion) then spend some time on the phone to get registration amended before you even think of letting anybody near the back of your bike.

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    We will refuse a claim if:
    1) your vehicle was being driven by a person who was under the influence of intoxicating liquor or the percentage of alcohol in the driver’s blood is in excess of the legal limit prescribed by the law applicable in the place where the motor vehicle accident occurs, or if the driver fails to provide a specimen of breath or blood as required by law in that place, or
    2) while affected by any drug other than a drug taken in accordance with the advice of or administered by a medical practitioner, or
    3) your vehicle was being driven by a person who was not licensed to drive it Except we will not refuse a claim if: a car driver holding a learner’s permit was with a licensed driver
    4) your vehicle was being driven while in an unsafe condition. But we will cover you if you can show it was reasonable for you not to know of any unsafe condition
    5) your vehicle was towing a trailer or caravan illegally or in an unsafe condition. But we will cover you if you can show it was reasonable for you not to know of any unsafe conditions
    6) your vehicle was loaded above the legal limits or in an illegal way
    7) your vehicle was being used in a race, trial, test or contest 8
    8) your vehicle was being used for a criminal or unlawful purpose
    9) your vehicle was being used to carry explosives or flammable or combustible liquids or substances illegally
    10) your vehicle was outside Australia.

    Just getting some clarification. I'm not sure about the disqualification from insurance. Loaded might be talking about cargo, not passengers.

    When we pay DPC Benefits
    We will pay benefits to the at fault driver of your motor vehicle for injuries suffered (or to the driver’s estate or dependants if the driver is killed) as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Australia, if ALL of the following apply:
    • your motor vehicle is registered with Queensland Transport, and the CTP Insurance for your motor vehicle is with Suncorp;
    • the driver was solely at fault for the accident and at the time of the accident:
    • aged 25 years or older; or
    • aged between 16 years and under 25 years and your motor vehicle is comprehensively insured with us;
    • the injury is on our Schedule of Benefits (see below);
    • the motor vehicle is a Class 1 (cars and station wagons) or Class 6 (trucks, utilities and vans of 4.5 t or less) vehicle, under the Motor Accident Insurance Regulation 2004;
    • the accident was the sole or substantial contributing factor to the injury shown on our Schedule of Benefits;
    • an appropriately qualified medical practitioner confirms that the driver had sustained the injury as a result of the accident;
    • at the time of the accident your motor vehicle was registered, roadworthy and not towing a load over the legal limit, and was not a police vehicle;
    • the driver (or the estate or dependants if the driver died) is not entitled to claim under any statutory compensation scheme (including motor accident or workers’ compensation).
    When we do not pay DPC benefits
    We will not pay benefits if:
    • the injury was intentionally caused or was a result of the accident being intentionally caused; or
    • the circumstances causing the injury result in the driver being convicted of a criminal offence, or the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or had a breath or blood alcohol level over the legal limit, or the driver was involved in any illegal activity, or was on a motor race track, racing, pacemaking, or in reliability, speed, motor sport or other trials or a car rally at the time of the motor vehicle accident; or
    • the injury was directly or indirectly caused by, or was due to, psychological or psychiatric causes, sickness or disease; or
    • the injury was caused by revolution, war (whether declared or not), acts of a foreign enemy, military coup, radioactivity or the use, existence or escape of nuclear fuel, nuclear material or waste, or the action of nuclear fission including detonation of any nuclear device or nuclear weapon, biological, bacterial, viral, germ, chemical or poisonous pollutant or contaminant or any looting or rioting following these occurrences.

    From a QLD insurer. The bolded text would probably exclude it. As you were.
  10. Smileebloke - did you put that last clause in to see if anyone was paying attention??

    We will not pay benefits if: the action of nuclear fission including detonation of any nuclear device or nuclear weapon.

    Lol, i think a claim up may not be the first thing i go for in the event of nuclear war. Insurance clauses, gotta love'em.
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  11. LionzLionz my fav is BIOLOGICAL, BACTERIAL, VIRAL or GERM....ummm all are biological and both bacteria an viruses are "germs"
    Talk about arse covering...hate to tell the underwriters that they should have put fungal in there as well if they want to really arse cover...;)
  12. Because in the event of a nuclear war the first think I'll be doing to contacting my insurer...
  13. Isn't nuclear fission and contact your insurer for advice listed at the top of the 'alert but not alarmed' to-do list sent out by the government? :)
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  14. OldmaidOldmaid gotta be fun-gi joke in there somewhere lol, or what about 'war'............

    We can't cover you claim because you were at war
    No i wasn't
    Yes you were
    I WASN'T
    Look, no-one had even declared war!
    Haha, gotcha! Read the small print: war (whether declared or not)

    ............ bugger
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  15. Fun-gi hardee har har indeed! ;)
    Never ever wait for a declaration...be pre-emptive is my motto.
  16. When I changed my sickness and accident policy years ago there was a series of questions that were a bit odd, singly not that significant. Taken together they were angling at all the known ways at the time to contract HIV. My bet was they were looking at a non discloser to void any HIV contractors to a benefit on the Policy. Cunning as a shithouse rat.
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