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Penalties in Vic for riding above restrictions ?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by I'm Simon, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, this may have been covered but a quick question....what is the penalty in VIC for riding above the 260cc restriction whilst on probationary period (full drivers licence). I was told that it was a $100 fine only, I find this hardly a deterrent. I know of someone that is keen to buy (and ride) an R1 during the probationary period.

  2. Maybe 1 or 2 .....................................thousand times..............

    Tell your mate if there is no legal way to do what he wants then WAIT!

    -get to ride a cool bike
    -Chicks may dig you more because of said bike

    -No insurance cover
    -Mr Plod dreams about meeting guys like this every time he goes to sleep
    -No insurance cover
    -Riding illegally, potential laws being broken are many and up to the officer which one's you get written up for
    -No insurance cover
    -Risk losing you licence, including your car licence
    -No insurance cover

    But hey, I'm not gonna tell anyone what to do.
  3. Just goes to show you there are all types out there riding R1s nowadays. :roll:
  4. It's not the penalties for riding that are a big deal so much as the penalties for crashing a big bike while off restrictions. That way you have absolutely no insurance (except TAC) and a dangerous driving ticket on top of all the others. Plus, all your friends would call you a toss bag. Just not worth it really. :)
  5. The new hoon laws can also be applied to riding out of restrictions, leaving you open to having the bike temporarily confiscated and eventually even possibly permantly confiscated.
  6. Really? I know driving while disqualified counts but that's different to driving outside or without a licence. :? :)
  7. Riding a bike more powerful than you are allowed could be interpreted as dangerous riding, therefor yes hoon laws could apply.

    The big question is, this is a person who is purposely breaking the law, showing no regard for the consequences, or other road users, should this guy be on the road AT ALL, let alone on a R1 that he's not licenced for?
  8. No 3rd party property insurance.

    Riding above restrictions is the financial equivalent of replacing the air-bag in your car with a steel spike.
  9. Thanks for the replies and advice ... I will pass it on to the knob ! :LOL:
  10. suuuuuuure.....
    doctor, you see, i have this friend...... :rofl:

    make sure you spell it out big that learning on a big bike is for idiots :grin:
  11. Did some-one mention NO INSURANCE???????

    It's actually good to see that some dealers are now taking the moral "high road" and refusing to sell the bigger bikes to these f*#king retards. Of course that may just be an arse covering excercise......
  12. actually...my bro in law Joel...I know what you are saying though :grin:
  13. It's also worth pointing out that it is possible to buy a vehical without registering it. I've had plenty of unregistered bikes. If it's intended to be used on private property or a a race vehical, registration is pointless but there's no reason it shouldn't be purchased. It also stands in these cases that a driver's licence would also be irrelevent. :)
  14. i have several unregistered vehicles... these days with the laws though the only basic rule makes it difficult but not impossible to own unregistered vehicles. It's much easier to buuy a reg and rw vehicle, trfr it and then let it rust.
  15. Interesting aside guys but I wasn't suggesting the legalities, just that I know a number of people in the industry that will flat out refuse to sell a bike (let's say for example ....an R1) to some blow in with their "L's" or on a restriction. that's not to say there aren't dealers out there that won't (after all they're in business to make money not prevent d*ckheads from killing themselves) just that it's nice to see some people taking responsibility to prevent these morons from giving the riding community a worse name than it has. Let's face it, it's the sort of person who will go out and get an R-1 or ZX12 on L's or without a license that will provide videos for the "ACA's and TT's" of this world to tar us all with that infamous brush....
  16. you can buy a car without a license and a bike and a boat and bobcat and heaps of stuff.. you just cant register them in your name
  17. just read that i pretty much repeated the unregistered thing.. sorry bout that
    in regards to the repremand you recieve for riding an overpowered bike, im not sure on your L's but on your P's with restrictions its just a fine. speaking from experience.

    good luck on your R1 mate.
  18. In addition to the fine if you get busted, you'll also be boned for the next 5 years by your insurance company. To them, it's riding without a license, and thus gives you a $2k or more excess, straight up.

    Not really much fun. :p

    What's the big deal anyway? It's hardly a long time to wait, and there is a LOT that you can and need to learn on a 250 before progressing to a larger bike. Come back when you've got 50,000km on your 250, then maybe you could upgrade a little earlier. :wink:
  19. So. If constable plod pulled me over for nothing but a license check and bretho and I blow 0.00 but I'm on a 500cc+ machine on a full license (restricted) then the standard penalty would be...........? :?