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Peg Scraping

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Hoppielimp, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    Just wondering...I'm riding an XVS 650 Custom and am constantly peg scraping. Not does it give me a shock when it happens but it means I have to go into corners alot slower...

    Anyone change their pegs and to what ? .....and although it will never be a sports bike...does it help ?

    Appreciate any thoughts.

  2. Its part and parcel of the joy of riding a cruiser, I'm afraid. You have far more limited ground clearance, and as a result you need to pay a little more attention while cornering. You'll never get around a corner as fast as a sportsbike but it also doesn't mean you need to go slowly! Technique is the first thing you should look at before you go looking for a different set of pegs.

    My tips are - firstly and more importantly - pick your line through a corner carefully. You can get through a corner faster with a good line and with less lean than a poor line that needs more lean. Secondly, body weight placement - shifting your weight into the corner will result in you needing to lean the bike over less, and therefore, getting you through that corner faster. Whilst hanging off the bike and getting your knee down isn't exactly the aim of the game on a cruiser, there's every reason for you to be leaning that body in and shifting your butt a little. Thirdly, the occasional scrape isn't anything to worry too much about :)

    From someone who enjoys riding his cruiser hard, I don't have too much trouble keeping up with the more agile bikes I ride with. Just bear in mind you are never going to have the agility on your bike that a sports bike rider has and learn your limits well and don't push yourself past them. :)
  3. I also have this issue, although it does not happen to much, it does happen.

    I have noticed i scratch 1 side more then the other.
    This would be the side i am more comfortable in.

    It does scare you, because you dont expect it :p

    I bought my bike with after market pegs, so im not to worried about this, it also means im using diffrent parts of my tyre so im nto wearing the tyre in the middle so much :p :p hahaha at least i can use that as my excuse so when i do it i dont feel like a dunce :p
  4. just get used to the feel of heel scraping and you'll be okay.

    I rode a XVS650 for a full weekend and I had less sole on my left boots on Monday :LOL:

    Its a fun bike to ride - scraping heels on roundabouts & sweepy ramp everytime.
  5. Boot scraping is common, peg scraping happens less frequently and irritates me a little but there's not much that can be done other than hanging your body off the bike more to keep the bike more upright when cornering faster.
  6. Get it low, Get it scraping, get it sparking... and carry gaffa for your boots :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Thanks for all the informative feedback... :shock: :roll: :grin:
  8. +1

    I was walking around the office the other day and all of a sudden my 14 year old Rossi's were more like a pair of thongs. Both Soles decided it was time to part ways from the leather upper!

    Thanks goodness for packing tape! :grin:
  9. Gaffa and chain lube... I'm prepared for anything :)
  10. scraping of the pegs / heels is a pretty common thing...

    for me, it's my right heel, then peg, then knee, then ear... but i would say most of the time it's only heel then peg though.

    take a trip up the twisties or something, and you'll soon realise the full limit that ur peg will bend upwards ;)
    just make sure u're prepared.