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peg scrapin' goodness

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by crumpetman, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Well I just got back from my first late night parking lot training session. I'm still feeling pretty buzzy so i thought i'd share the experience.

    I decided it was time to find out what all this peg scraping thing was all about; So following some advice i read on netrider ages ago i decided to set up a little figure 8 course. At first i was a little shaky. I'd never tilted the bike over much in any corners before so my first couple of laps were extremely wide and slow. After a few spins though the nerves started wearing off and i noticed the circles getting tighter and tigher. I also noticed that i was looking over my shoulder at where i was turning more and more with each lap. (look where you wanna go sound familiar to anyone?)

    Then it happened. Scrape!!!! Shit myself but resist the temptation to plant a leg down. Shakily complete the corner. Lesson learned: when in doubt, accelerate out :) The second time around same thing but without the soiling of the trowsers. After a few laps both pegs are scraping and it already feels familiar.

    There's some emergency braking practice here too but i'll spare you the "oops i've locked up the rear tyre" details.

    Well there you have it. My long winded account of my first peg scraping experience. For all you fellow learners out there i'd highly recommend the late night parking lot practice. It's amazing what a confidence boost 45 minutes riding around in circles can be :)

  2. Well done Muffinman ( don't like crumpets :) )

    And not just learners either. I tried to do it once or twice a year too, and it's good practice.
  3. I really want to do that.

    Although with shopping centres open 7 days a week and some places 24 hours a day, it can be hard to find a big enough car park that isn't always full of cars!
  4. Great tips Gromit, ive never actually heard of doing this...
    Got a link to some more info on what your trying to achieve in the carpark session; you mentioned reading material.

    Also, where did you manage to find an empty open car park with a decent surface, no oil, and no security to hassel you? If its a good place im willing to travel (im CBD).
  5. Any major shopping centre on a Sat or Sun after about 6:00pm. Southland, Chadstone, Northland, Eastland, Westgardens, etc. For CBD, try the new Victoria Gardens shopping centre in Burnley.
  6. I did the HRT riding course in Perth years ago and they did a slow riding "ride the plank" exercise. You ride along a plank (I guess 3 or 4 metres long) flat on the ground about half an inch thick and 3 or 4 inches wide. The idea is to do it as SLOWLY as possible without putting your feet down (or burning out your clutch!!).

    Excellent slow speed balance practise which can help when punting in traffic or lane splitting. If you don't carry a 3-4m plank around on your bike you can probaly use the line markings in the car park provided they are not super slippery.
  7. I went to hightpoint shopping centre. There were still a few cars about but heaps of empty space in most sections of the carpark. Actually there was a couple sitting in their car opposite where i was practicing watching me. Hope i put on a good show :)
  8. OK, i think i might go down to Victoria Gardens one night; i've noticed the roof carpark is usually fairly empty whenever i drive there about 5-6pm.
    As for the training routines to try out? Any linkage with a decent set of practice routines?
  9. another great use for empty carparks..
    1) lower front tyre pressure to around 29psi
    2) ride around a bit to walm up front rubber
    3) ride in a straight line doing abouyt 35-40ks
    4) pull in clutch
    5) pull in front brake aggresivily until STOPPIE is achieved
    6) repeat untill perfected :shock:
  10. what speeds where do doing for dragging your pegs? ie the slowest speed you've done, i sorta keep on thinking that if I got too slow the bike will just tip over.
  11. Well i did a fair bit of reading about rider error and target fixation relating to running wide in corners; and got some really good advice to help me try and correct my current problems (ie. paranoia when cornering).

    Decided to go for a car park run before heading to Yarra Bend for a practice, and ended up spending about a full hour in the car park. Not 1 car there so i was happy. Slowly set about getting back my confidence in tipping the bike over; and after about 30 minutes i could slowly start to feel myself loosen up and get into it again. No peg scraping goodness this time as ive still got some things to sort out, but it was a very good session.

    Then decided to go for a gentle run through kew bouley and i immediately was noticing the differences in my riding. No more scanning the road surface 3m in front of the bike, instead i was glaring my way through corners plotting my path and setting up. My confidence is still very shot, but a few more of these sessions might see me back on track.
  12. That's great that you have taken the time to get to know your bike..

    Scraping pegs is cool fun yet ya shit yaself first time..

    The other day my husband and I decided to double (we haven't doubled in ages) and my pillion pegs were scraping the ground :shock: I shat myself real bad... But after that I was fine

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. Didn't look at the speedo through the corners but it was no more than 10-15kmh. I was using the carpark paint for a guide and the corners weren't more than 2 carlengths wide. A couple of times i felt like it was gonna tip over so i accelerated a bit and went wider. I was actually amazed at how easy it is to keep it from tipping once you get over the fear.
  14. i had a peg scraping a few weeks back, i had just taken the washing off the line and heard to this noise on the way into the house, a towel was dragging on the ground with a peg attached.
    it's anouying because youve got to walk back to the clothes line :p
  15. Ratty

    Time to get my own back from the last post.
    You've got that Suzuki litre and that's the only incidence of peg scraping you can come up with.

    I'm disappointed
  16. so far i've scrapped my toe slider's, my knee slider's and 3 fingers on my left hand without scraping my pegs....