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Peg-ectomy: should I do it?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by NiteKreeper, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. I recently removed the rear pegs from my Spada - they rattled and IMO, 250's aren't for riding 2up anyway.
    I'm now seriously considering cutting off the LH mounting arm altogether and making it a single-seater "forever".
    The seat needs recovering as well, so I'd have the back half done in plastic to complete the look.

    OK, so it's "just a Spada" and "just the rear pegs", but I'm aware this is a permanent frame mod as well so it's a fairly big deal to me.
    I don't believe there are any legal implications, but I'm happy to be corrected.
    Apart from that, I'm interested in general opinions and advice.

  2. i would assume that not having pegs is permitted, but you must not have a pillion seat if you have no pillion pegs (that's how it works up here, but we have provision for single seat rego which saves coin come rego time)
  3. You're fine to do it - I did on my Aprilia RS125 and it didn't bother anyone at all, least of all me.

    I would merely remove the pegs themselves if their attachment spars are welded to the frame. This will involve simple removing a nut and/or circlip/splitpin, then removing the pivot bolt and taking the footrest off.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. Yeah that's what I've done so far, but now I think the LH spar looks ugly and redundant - the Spada is a cast Aluminium frame...
    I think I'll take to it with the Dremel tomorrow.
  5. Just make sure you haven't been using the dremel bit on steel previously (especially rusty steel).
  6. lop off that dead metal
  7. After that you can go for an $80 inspection for a mod plate to save yourself $200-250/year in rego cost.

    If you get the mod plate right before rego is due its an instant cashback
  8. Only in Qld though.
  9. I'd be looking ahead to any possible re-sale issues as well.

    It seems unlikely IMO that anyone ever want to two up on a 250, and most riders on 250 aren't allowed anyway, but you never know...
  10. Bit overkill if you are planning to sell it later down the track. Might be a deciding factor for a few prospective buyers. Just unbolt the pegs and leave it at that imo...
  11. Yeah it wouldn't be good for resale, even if only because it'll spark a 'what else has he done to it?' kind of reaction.

    At the end of the day its only a metal spar that weighs around 100g. Its not life threatening. I'd leave it be. Even though I removed the spars (unboltable) on my RS125, the buyer was very happy that I'd saved them and the pegs.

    Cheers - boingk
  12. RWC may come into play also... what do you think? modifying frame?
  13. #13 robsalvv, Dec 28, 2010
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    Spada's do two-up easily enough, so do most 250's. Making this mod permanent will reduce resale options - but there's no ADR that says you must have a passenger option, only that if you do, there must be pegs.*

    *never sited the clause myself, only heard it second hand.

    - - -
  14. That is a permanent engineering change to your motorcycle. You are converting a two seat vehicle to a one seat vehicle. That normally means you require an engineer's certifcate before you can use it on the road, re-register, or get a RWC.

    In Victoria, VicRoads is anal about such things. I believe NSW is pretty much the same. QLD has been beyond anal about such changes on 4WDs in the past. ( i.e. If you drove through the state with your removeable rear seats actually removed, and the police saw it, you were defected on the spot! )

    While you could just cut the offending piece off, any legal review (roadside inspection?) may see you put off the road. I know, it sucks. Check it out before making the change.
  15. Another thought with removing the spars the pegs mount to. On the right hand side of the spada it also acts as a mounting point for the muffler, so you would be removing that.
  16. Nah Keithy, the plan for the RHS was to clean up the jaws at the bottom so it was just an exhaust hanger...

    Thanks all for the advice - I got all ready to do it and then chickened out. TBH it was boingk's comment above that really did it...
    I'll leave the pegs off but keep them safe, and I've found Top End Interiors near home - they've guestimated $150 over the phone to recover the seat as a double...
  17. I'm glad. It was about to be my advice too. Put the pegs away and don't cut things off. The amount of weight you'd save would be about one decent bowel movement, but the number of possible negative ramifications is a bit worrying.
  18. A nice custom set of 2 into 2 pipes, upswept and using the rear peg mounts to mount the pipes/mufflers. :)