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Peg Clearance Issues

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by JuzzyDee, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Ok, I figure there has to be a better way than this.

    My xvs650 is a mere two months old, and this is the right hand footpeg. Most of the damage is from roundabouts. I don't feel like I'm going to quick through them, but I guess I must be going quicker than the bike likes?

    Replacing my footpegs a few times a year is gonna get costly. So apart from slowing down, which I'm trying to do, is there a way to prevent the wear from happening so quickly? Once I'm committed I can't very well pick the bike up mid corner, or I'm going into the grass, at best, so it seems they're going to scrape from time to time (Hopefully less so as I learn the bikes limitations). The metal seems very very soft, at least to me, things shouldn't wear that quickly from normal use I wouldn't think?

    Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? Would the ridiculously fast wear be a warranty issue, or would they just laugh me out the door?

    (Sorry bout the pic quality, phone camera is all but useless.)

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  2. Leaning off the bike (into the corner) will reduce the amount the bike leans for a given speed.

    Rearsets maybe? :rofl:

    I have the same problem on my 125.. damn thing reaches its limits at not much lean angle. Which is a shame as it tips in so effortlessly.
  3. move off the seat and lean with your body and not just stay still on the seat and lean.
  4. It's softer than the road, yes. You see, there's this thing called friction...
  5. I get that much :p

    I'm just surprised it's such a soft alloy like metal. I will try slide my ass off the seat a bit more and see if I can stop it happening.

    When I first got the bike I was considering swapping out the pegs for floorboards, but I think it'd have me at walking pace around the corners.
  6. i'd be surprised if it really is that soft, its just that anything softer than diamond is going to melt away like butter when in contact with the road. It's why sliding a bike down the road will so easily go through the engine case, aluminium isnt all that soft.
  7. You might find you are sitting up and pushing the bike over. Have a look next time you scrape and see where your head is. Like is your left hand or right hand in front of your face. Counter balancing is good and has its place, mainly quite slow speeds. But if your runnning out of lean angle then start leaning you in a bit more and the bike less.
  8. One of the other solutions is to increase the peg lean angle:
    As you can see, the peg can move up (and is usually spring loaded). What some people on M109R's do (though it already has adequate lean clearance when stock), is lift the peg up a little and tap into the inner portion of the peg and insert a small screw to keep it raised to the desired angle. That NOT the mount, but the peg itself. If you want to see what that would look like, lift up your pegs and insert a couple of coing between the peg and the mount and let the peg down against the coins.

    That way, you should earn a few millimetres / half an inch etc (which is sometimes all you need to get the clearance you need)