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NSW Peeved About Parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by flashfire, May 9, 2005.

  1. Well, I got my first parking ticket last Friday :evil: I parked in my normal spot in Surry Hills, 5mins walk from my work. The spot in question often has one or two other bikes there and is in a small back street, just near another small cross street intersection. Everywhere else on the street has signs indicating length of time parking is permissable, however in this one little stretch, the poles are there but the signs have been taken down. I thought this meant I had found the perfect spot - no time limit!

    Alas, it was not so. I got done for $70 for parking too close to the intersection. I was about 2.5metres away from the intersection, and wasn't the last vehicle in the row - another poor bike gone done too. After just having researched this on rta website, I discovered that unless signposted otherwise, it is illegal to park within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights, and 20 metres if there are traffic lights. It's such bollocks - everywhere else on the street has parking within 2m of intersections, but is signposted as loading zone or 2 hour parking.

    Anyway, I think it blows. And the fact that it happened on a Friday really makes me wonder about these "quotas" they supposedly don't have...

  2. booking motorcyclists for parking infringments is like beating a dog, it's cruel and unusual.

    you might as well book a telephone box, it takes up as much room on the footpath.
  3. Where abouts in Surry Hills you parking?

    And all parking inspectors ain't bastards. Twice I've been let off because I got there just before they started writing the ticket and they let me off with a warning, without me having to argue.

    Once I got there once he was writing the ticket, so just had to cop it sweet.

    Yep in NSW, it's illegal to park in zones that require a ticket. Even if you buy one, since you can't place it on the bike without it getting nicked, you get done for not displaying ticket.

    And if you do take up a whole space and another bike joins you, one can get done as each space is only for one vehicle.

    On the other hand when I lived in newtown, I used to park my bike on the pavement, on the grass outside my house, and in a year I never got a ticket, even though cars outside did. The parking guys must have recognised I lived there and used common sense since I wasn't blocking the sidewalk.
  4. Which is why it is legal to park on the footpath in Victoria. The authorities cannot penalise you for failure to display if there is no fair and reasonable way to display your ticket without it being stolen.
  5. Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!

    Hey flash, is that the little street directly across the road from JMC music academy on Elizabeth? Cos I've parked there a few times and gotten away with it. (W/Ends though...)
  6. In Rutland St. As you drive down Chalmers St, turn right into Rutland before Devonshire St intersection. I work for Syd Uni at the Dental Hospital, which is just behind Central Station. I know there's parking up around MCA & Action on Wentworth St, but it's a good 10min walk. I bought the bike so I can avoid walking and catching public transport...

    Pete - am not familiar with JMC sorry, but it could be the same street, cos it does intersect with Elizabeth.... And yeah - weekends are a whole other story.

    Thanks for your sympathy guys!
  7. When I moved to Wagga from Melbourne, I was a little let down at the fact I could no longer park on the footpath, but I soon discovered the town has numerous places allocated to motorcycles spread around town.

    Thats one up for the Wagga city council.
  8. Shame about that Wizard!

    I really dont get why there isnt a set of federal laws (or at least guidelines) covering road use (and parking etc). State by State doesnt make much sense (other than creating employment by the needless duplication of governing bodies)
  9. Reviving an old thread here. Does anyone in Sydney know what's going on with the Rutland St motorcycle parking zone at the moment? Big permanent concrete barriers up - sometimes hessian fencing and yellow temp barriers blocking, sometimes not. Bikes seem to be able to fit themselves around the concrete barriers easily when the taping isn't there, but some days like today it is completely blocked off.

    Enquired with the council about it - they seemed surprised and said someone would get back to me.

    Most of the nearby streets are timed zones and I've been parking in them taking a gamble on the City Rangers. Have seen a lot of them around chalking and ticketing cars and not bikes, but they did nab me with a $101 fine for overstaying my limit the other day.

  10. FYI. City of Sydney have informed me that Ausgrid have been doing maintenance on Rutland Street and have needed to block off access to the motorcycle parking zone so they can get into their manholes in the road there. This maintenance has been held up as vehicles keep parking over their access points.

    I've suggested they improve signage in the area, as it is unclear and hasn't work well for them so far.
  11. Try this-

    Get 800 or so bikes to ride into the CBD early and park in on street car parks and pay the appropriate fee.

    Next get the same 800 to do it in North Sydney then do it.... Etc

    Then perhaps suggest that footpath parking might solve all the lack of car spaces there are.

    Just saying .......