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peeling compliance sticker ,speed triple.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brenno, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Hi,I own 2012 Triumph Speed Triple the issue i have is the compliance "sticker" is just stuck on the frame and is starting to peel off, Brisans Motorcycles in newcastle said to stick it down with supa glue. does any one have any idea's to keep it safe?

    Thanks brenno. :-/

  2. I beleive there is engine numbers stamped on the casting somewhere and the frame is stamped on the head stem also. Afaik i thought the sticker was just an import thing. I wouldbt worry if youve got all your rego in order. But then again the bike is 12 model. Try your luck for warranty for a new sticker. Because if it is the only compliance id the it will be illegal if removed
  3. Yeah it is stamped on the bike somewhere - can't remember where exactly.
  4. The vin is on the on the frame where the steering stem is.
  5. So superglue it back on and be done with it.
  6. I gave up on the holder when I could find a nice place to put in on my M109r so I had some 3M industrial version contact then stuck it to my swing arm. Has worked nicely for a couple years now and I ride every day. Looks like I will have to do something with my wife's car one as well as with the extreme heat this years stickers is peeling off.
  7. If your dealer won't help, contact Triumph Australia with your registration number and VIN. They will send a new label to your dealer, who should fit it for you. One of our staff had one that did the same, purchased from Procycles, and Procycles sorted it out for him, no problems.
  8. It's a paper based sticker with a laminate over it. Super Glue would likely eat it.
  9. Brisans motorcycles have sent info and photos of my conpliance sticker Triumph Australia for replacement as there is no laminate on the sticker at all thanks for the info.

    Safe Riding ,Brenno.:happy:
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    Woops....I removed that sticker from my Street the day I got her home. Didn't realise it was necessary. You'd think something required would be done better than an ugly sticker just beggin to be peeled off. I kept it but...

    I'm guessing this is the sort of thing that needs to be visible? Could it be stuck under the seat somewhere where the elements won't get to is as much?
  11. I would say the sticker needs to be visible .
  12. The stickers is a cheap alternative to the old, riveted on, aluminium VIN plates that are generally used. They need to be visible, as we understand it. Just in case Plod wants to give you the rounds of the kitchen on the side of the road.
  13. get some book contact, the clear sticky stuff, cut a square thats about 2cm larger in all directions than the sticker, place over the top of sticker and make sure the area is very clean so it gets a good seal and stick, then just place it over the top and get the airbubbles out. if you do it well it should be near invisible.

    should hold it down nicely and protect it well. I have never done this but its just what i would do if faced with the same situation.

  14. You've never seen what happens to clear contact in the sun or on a hot bike frame, eh? Won't last 6 months. Maybe something a bit more industrial in application might work? Idea's not a bad one.

    Speed Triple frames are also difficult to stick things to because of the ripple finish on the frame, hence the problem with the original sticker. No idea which genius at Triumph thought that one up.