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pee wee yamaha 50

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rawz25, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. just bought a 95/96 model pee wee just about to restore it for my young bloke who is 4 its a present from santa just wondering the fairings and fender plastics kits where the cheapest places to buy them from also i need training wheels r they easy to assemble?
    cheers rawz:-s

  2. Training wheels for a motorcycle??

    Teach him basic 2-wheeled balance on a BMX first... or just teach him to ride properly.

    Ebay can be great for fairing kits.
  3. Yes, most of the chinese mini bikes around are based on the PW50, eBay is probably your best bet, or one of the pit bike shops. Google will turn up some in your area.

    Good on you for starting him early!
  4. My little girl went from her BMX on to the PeeWee. Skip the whole training wheels. It makes the bike handle more like a quad.

    PS: Start with the throttle resticter all the way in and work it out bit by bit. I rode the bike and set the restricter so it would ride with me sitting on it (65kg). When she got on it for the first time (25kg)and pulled back the throttle she just zoomed off and had a mega stack. Lucky enough she just bounced along a bit then got up laughing, but boy she didnt half fly up in the air when she hit the tyre barrier.