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Pedrosa you idjut

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smee, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Taken at southbank while they were demonstrating their bikes

  2. noob mistake used the front brake instead of rear lol
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  3. Doesn't look like the RC214 race bike (the tyres seem too skinny)..

    Anyway, just a minor brain fart on his part, probably wasn't paying attention for whatever reason.
    Here's what else he can do with the front brakes!

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  4. twas a yoke
  5. Needs NAK to show him how to ride
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  6. Hmmmm So the champ is human.....still an awesome rider
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  7. Not sure if it's the CB or am I a born champion, but magic happens when I'm riding the legendary CB400. I think I can out-brake Pedrosa on any given day.
    I try very hard to be humble about all this, but some things are meant to be bragged about.
  8. The front bike is Miller. Miller rides with skinny tyres.
  9. Yep, you're definitely a born champ. Netriders gain is Dorna's loss. Reckon you could get a podium place on your cb400.
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  10. Ambition outweighed ability. :p
  11. I was actually talking about Dani's bike, but looks like it's just the video's aspect ratio.
  12. Pedrosa is not the champion and is increasingly unlikely to be so
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  13. No not THE champion but a hell of a lot better rider than anyone here so still a champion rider
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  14. you haven't met gooza have you?
  15. Nope I have not......mind you with some of the stuff I read on here there are a bunch of guys you would think are better ;)

    I'm just a newbie who appreciates watching the skill of all those in the MotoGP go around
  16. Good case of Schadenfreude:

  17. Based on what happened at the Island on the weekend, I think it is safe to say that when Pedrosa was riding at Southbank in this video he was using Bridgestone's asymmetric front tyre.
  18. He wasn't going fast enough, that's the real cause :p.