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Pedrosa hurt.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. The reports on DP are that he has a busted wrist, and won't ride this weekend.

  2. Latest report that I read (motogp.com this morning) said he was flying to America and would see how he felt on the bike.

    Can't see him missing the race, especially with the grid size now. You only have to finish to score points. Assen was the classic example, 16 riders started, 13 finished. Just about every point will be crucial this year as it should stay fairly close in the championship. (Though I hope not personally, want to see stoner and rossi duke it out)
  3. Racing with a busted wrist will be a big ask, especially if it is the right one.
  4. Lorenzo did a prettty good job with his wrist.

    But Dani doesn't come across as tough as jorge though.
  5. It would take a fair bloody injury to keep a GP racer out of a race when they're in a title-fighting position. I hope Dani pulls through and shows a bit of mettle.

    ps. Stoner can suck my ball(s).
  6. He might do a good job of it.
  7. sucking loz's balls?

    Bit of past experience with casey there rog? something your not telling us?
  8. Must be, what with talk of the Mardi Gras, tassles and leather chaps. And he seems to know that the right hand is important too.
  9. The joys of being a netrider mod. You get your head kicked from all directions.
  10. Gee Cejay, you have got me worried.
    Seems you know something that I do not.
  11. Thank god someone finally linked all the clues Ceejay, A lesser man might not have put it all together with rogs subtle innuendo and obscure talk of arseless chaps.
  12. This crap only started because cejay is hot for me.
  13. He's only human ;)
  14. Who,s side are you on, Vic.
    Are you still shitty about the lightglobe head gag?
  15. Yeah, like it's not mutual.
  16. just get a room ffs!
  17. Don't think so.
  18. Cubicle?? :p :LOL:
  19. more likely to be a pit shed