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Pedrosa crashes in w/up

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. And what an embarassing one it was :oops: . Practicing his starts, he launch the Honda into orbit and flipped it right in front of John Hopkins who was about to do a dummy start also.

    Woops! :LOL:
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  3. Hmm, the commentators said he was doing this "as a show" to show what it is like for the bike to not have any electronics (contol devices) and do 100% throttle and dump the clutch. Instead of getting nice take off, he flipped the bike which I thought was on purpose just to show how the electronics help the rider? Didn't watch the youtube in case the commentator comments are on it and I'm just repeating it kind of in text here.
  4. I was Watching it at the track when it happened
    About 8 riders lined up on the track (bass straight stand) to practice take off
    Only 1 took off :LOL:
  5. lol tinted visor saved the day
  6. That was priceless. Thanks for finding the vid Deadsy.
  7. When they interviewed Hayden's mechanic on TV after the race he said it was a 'clutch problem' :LOL:.
  8. Bring back the Le Mans start I say. Problem solved :LOL:
  9. Cant believe that some tosser said he didnt even release the clutch
    Man i was there close and seen what happened
    watch the vid like 10 times
    if the clutch is one his right side then I'm sure he didnt release it
    but I think they are on the left :wink:
  10. watch hopkins left leg! gives away that he is thinking, wtf...
  11. Poor Dani, he has only won 2 more world titles than any of us
  12. Which only adds to the comedic value of this little cock-up
  13. I think it was the little man who gets paid to stand there next to the bike and rev it for about 10 minutes (we've all heard it - ringggg ringgg ringgg ) played a joke on the little man who gets paid to switch the launch control on and off.
    While nobody was looking he switched it off and handed the bike to Pedrosa.
    Great practical joke.
  14. man that is so funny

    I think Danny would be glad he did it during
    a practice start and not the real deal.

    Hopkins would be LHAO
    Danny Pedrosa..............TOOL OF THE WEEK

  15. Wasn't Dani's fault at all. People like to bash him but he's a far better rider than these people are at masturbating.
  16. :-s

    I'm not sure I see the connection....