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Pedro Doin his Thang

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Guest, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. :LOL: love the g-force/battle of the planets pic!
  2. G Force was the sh*t back in the day man!!! I loved that show.
    Princess was also the first female (albeit a cartoon) that made me realise how hot a chick can look on a motorcycle :p She had this bad ass akira styled ride.
  3. That pic was taken at Winton Raceway. We were booked to do lunch time entertainment for the Victorian Drift Nationals. Not a bad track for stunt riding actually, has a nice straight.
  4. Trans....MUTE!


    Now, where's me ping pong bat and burger vending machine?
  5. F 25yrs....if you can loose your attachment to having a pretty bike and dedicate hours of practice each week I could have you posting pics of yourself doing this stuff in less then a year!!
  6. This one? Yeah dunno bout that bike mate!

    Where can I get me a helmet like this one though?
  7. Well when ya back, we'll hook up & U start me off.

    I'm ready to start learning. I dont muck around.
  8. When you got thigh high boots and ass like that...who cares about the bike!!hahahahaha Nice find with the pic though!

    Serioulsy though at the time that was some futuristic wig splitting sh*t!!
  9. pete we should hook up for a ride
    i've geared down 12 up now
  10. Yeah man...I just need a bike now!! Sold the gixxer and getting an F4i. Looking at one this weekend so who knows??
  11. welcome to the good side... you've seen the light
  12. A 1000 to a 600??? i though a stunter would prefer a 1000??
  13. Well let us know when ya set then. :wink:
  14. 1000 for rocking the fast stuff. 600 for rocking the lots. a smaller bike is easier to move around, and to move around on. you don't need massive power with gearing. you want something with a smooth throttle response. also f4is are really stout and have heaps of aftermarket support (cages, bars, oil pickups, cam chain tensioners...). if i got another bike to stunt it'd be an f4i.
  15. Can U get cages for the ZX9 Nam?
  16. Cool, makes sense. I understood that they would be lighter and easier to move around etc. Just wasn't sure how much harder it would be to pull of tricks with less torque!