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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by chrome, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. mumble

    going home last night, usual sydney traffic, 3 lane road heading south, lights are red, 2 right lanes are packed.

    I'm slowly coming down the left lane as people will generally just swerve out in front of you, so I'm buffering, and riding slowly. It is a bit wet, of course, so I'm being extra-cautious like.

    Light turns green as I reach about 10m before the light, I'm doing about 10km/h and I'm in 2nd, but can't see the right side of the intersection because there are a bunch of vans and trucks in the middle lane so I cover the brakes and coast slowly towards the intersection.

    Pedestrian steps out right in front of the bike from the right (she was walking across the road, against a red light, in front of three lanes of stopped traffic as the light went green), I brake, skid a little in the wet, heart leaps into my mouth, I stop without dropping it, swear loudly, she looks at me says "sorry", and she keeps going.

    Not only do you have tradies and taxis in Sydney trying to kill you, but you have suicidal pedestrians who cross the road at the wrong time, in the wet.

  2. i missed one in caulfield last year by mere inches. no traffic lights, she had a real smidsy moment when I was the only vehicle on the road. she screamed, I swore. Funny enough it was the scream that nearly made me drop the bike. I turned around came back and as suave as could be said "You alright?" I got the whole smidsy story. I swear i could feel her scarf hit my shoulder...

    I nearly had my first accident because of a pedestrian. Youg women should not walk around st kilda in bikinis.... All my fault I was suffering from target fixation, thankfully i missed the gutter.
  3. You shouldna got me started on this one... Brunswick street Fitzroy. Do I need to say more?

    It seems to me that the 40kmh zones in shopping precincts are interpreted as 'pedestrian mall' to these dimwits. They scurry blindly across from one boutique to another across moving traffic without so much as a glance up from their iPhones. Or stagger drooling out of some nightclub at 4pm and try and sleep on the tram tracks coz it looks so soft and comfy. The army could use it as an obstacle course. (Preferably for their tanks).

    I really think there is something in the notion that the lower the speed limit, the less peds respect the dangers.
  4. The number of people i see daily who simply step out without looking (whether they have a crossing, light, refuge island or not) astounds me. As someone who looks about 30 times before crossing a country road at 4 am in the morning, i find it amazing that people are too lazy/ignorant/stupid/dimwitting/otherwise incapable of twisting their necks to save their own necks.

    And god help you if you're riding a bicycle. God help you.

    God I hate everyone so much!!!
  5. Had something very simular happen to me not long after I first started rideing.

    3rd in line at the lights. Green, two cars infront move of leaveing a small gap between me and them as I go to cross the intersection.
    Check left,
    check right,
    notice women looking at something on the ground while waiting to walk across,
    get distracted by V8 behind me revving and glance in mirror,
    look up and the stupid women is right in front of me!:shock: Brakes squeal (drums) as I stop inchs from her (not to mention the V8 behind me), she looks up, shocked and says sorry with a goofy grin before trodding of.

    Lesson learnt, pay attention to the sheep as well as the tanks.
  6. I had something similar in my car once. Light turned green, start to move off - teenager on his bicycle comes across the pedestrian crossing against a red light. Stop... catch my breath, and drive off with heart palpitations.

    I'd not long had my Evo 8 at this point, so luckily for him, at this particular set of lights I wasn't being a dickhead and testing the rev limiter.

    Worst thing is... if you had hit them, you'd probably get in trouble for their stupidity!
  7. Yep - otherwise I say go ahead and hit the idiots. :evil:

    During the previous school holidays, kids were running across Princes Fwy in Narre Warren into traffic :shock: . Just anywhere along the road... and yet, we have school zones to protect the poor kids... :roll: . Might as well just make the every road 30 and let people do whatever they please.
  8. There's something I've observed when it comes to pedestrians.

    They'll choose to cross the road in front of or behind your bike, and seemingly never amongst the cars around you. I wonder why this is so??

    Tends to irk me a little!
  9. Really shits me how basic road rules have turned around in recent years, where pedestrians get right of way when crossing a road. Honk and they give you an earful. Boggles the mind.
  10. if you ever come to mildura you have to be careful at the rounds abouts because the pedestions get the right of way its stupid really.
  11. I almost hit some idiot not long ago, walking across high st in the dark wearing black trackies and a black hoodie. I was roaring up there and didn't spot him till i was about 10m away. Pretty sure the bloody moron didn't even see me. Didn't bother with the brakes, just tapped aside a bit and went about half a metre behind him. Going by the scene in my rear vision he damn near leaped the remaining 7 or 8m to the opposite gutter.
  12. Yup, city + pedestrians = better be careful

    I've had more than one look at me (riding slowly due to city hazards) and simply step out right in front of the bike. Is my GS500F really that quiet?

    I had the misfortune wear a pedestrian as a hood ornament in Oxford St (11.30pm on a Saturday night) nearly three decades ago. She ran onto the road after having an argument with her "partner" in the Exchange Hotel without looking (turned out that she was flying high on a combination of booze and LSD). Fortunately as the road was very busy, I was going quite slowly but she rolled up the bonnet, hit the windscreen before reversing her path and ending up unconscious in front of the car. Damage... Her: broken arm; Me: small dent in my bonnet from her elbow. As luck would have it, her friends told the cops that she was tripping and simply ran out in front of me so no charges (neg-driving etc.) were ever laid against me. I wasn't popular with other road users though as I had a lane of Oxford St blocked for nearly an hour until the ambulance carted her off to hospital.
  13. I think the single headlight makes it hard to judge the distance to the bike. People just kind of misjudge it.

    Or, they see your eyes, and think, ok, he's seen me, he'll stop - not really thinking that stopping a bike can be a bit harder than a car.

    But yeah, they definitely kind of look through you. I've had people look at me roaring up the Princes highway, standing int he middle of the road, who then just step almost right into my bike. I always buffer left and give them plenty of room, but I'm worried one day someone will just lemming it.
  14. Plus eleventy bazillion.

    I think this is going to get even worse, because school kids are being trained that they get right of way, and cars all travel at 40 Km/h within 100 Km of any school, so they know any vehicle they don't see, or don't bother to wait for, can stop in time to miss them.

    The authorities that created this situation are fools. Its a road for goodness sake, made to carry traffic! People need to learn to show some respect for traffic and the laws of physics that will cause them to get squashed if they don't.

    In order to attempt to avoid near misses, I now have a Stebel Air Horn on my bike. It makes pedestrians (and other vehicles) at least notice me, even if it doesn't change their behaviours.

    By the way, I thinks peds can see any motorcycle very well, just as they can see silent cyclists or other small vehicles, if they bother to look. The trouble is that they don't bother to look, and don't even see trucks, or hear them using exhaust brakes, because they are listening to music, talking on the phone, or playing a game on it.

    I've also had a few peds eyeball me, and then step right out in front of me against the lights. Those ones know exactly what they are doing, and are almost daring you to hit them, knowing who will be blamed.
  15. Hey roderick,

    I just purchased an stebel air horn as well... Did you do it yourself? Im trying to find someone who could help me out with installing it.

    If you could take some time out to help it would be appreciated and i'll reward you with a slab or something...

    Im only around the corner off manningham road near the ford dealer...

  16. Dave,
    PM sent.
  17. Anyone ride through eddy av at central in the mornings? heaps of fun to be had near the crossing lights in the right lane.

    Was rolling through, clutch in and waiting to hammer on both brakes expecting someone to jump out when lo and behold, some cool guy in a snazzy suit espresso in one hand, phone glued to his ear with the other, decided to jump out. Was about 3/4 across the lane when I gave the throttle a bit.

    Was so scared he dropped his coffee and scurried back across the lane instead of taking that step forward to safety. Look on his face was amazing. :grin:
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