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Pedestrians in the shadows

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Highett, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. It was after midday on the third leg of a triple LD ride.

    I had left the check-in at Urbenville about an hour previous, the weather was very hot, about 38C with a strong dry wind that just sucked the life out of you, I had a good run through the twisties on Mount Lindesay hwy and was feeling pretty good and was just coming into Beaudesert, the road was rough, there was road works and the Saturday shopping crowd was out and about.

    I had been following a car for awhile and continued to follow him through the road works, he was heading the same way, the driver was giving it the stick after every stop.

    I was tied, I had been on the go for 23 hours with about 10 hours to go, I resisted the urge to play with the driver of the car and just let him go, maintaining focus on what I was doing.

    We pulled away from a set of lights and as usual the car driver took off, I just continued taking my time then caught movement to my left and two pedestrians stepped out of the shadows onto a crossing.

    I was not going hard so it was an easy stop to give way, so all ended well.

    Just shows how easily thing could go bad if your not paying attention.

    Click on image to play video - About 1:52Min in


  2. Riveting.:sleep:

    No offense....:)
  3. None Taken

  4. They are pretty hard to pick in the shadows, eh.
  5. Some people see the crossings as a right that all cars must stop no matter what if they decide to cross.
    I once saw a woman in Auckland get pummeled by a rubbish truck... She was walking along the footpath then suddenly turned left straight onto the crossing without looking... the truck was only about 10metres away from the crossing & at 70kph no chance to stop.