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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I was putting along enjoying the ride, even if it was around the city,

    This stupid sheila steps off the foot path, did not look either way and walked straight across in front of me,

    she looked up at me and as if I have to give way to a moronic imbecile walking across the street,

    I zipped in close and went behind her, and give a full blast with the exhausts,

    She dont realize how close I came to punching her in the side of the head and knocking her off her feet as I went past,

    I must be getting old, Not too,

    Rant over,
  2. Oh well, if it's not me someone else will so here goes....

    Was she hot....................... yawn!!
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  3. She might be J walking but you actually do have to give way to her. Hitting a j walker will probably leave you in a world of legal pain even if you don't end up getting booked for it.
  4. not a bad body,

    Where does it say that I have to give way to a pedestrian in the middle of the road,
    Footpaths are for pedestrians,

    This was not a corner, Ped Xcrossing Etc, But the middle of a block,

    Can you imagine giving way to pedestrians on a busy highway, all the cars stopped, say on the Eastern freeway because some fuckwit wants to cross the road,
  5. Pics or it didnt happen !! lol

    mate the city's full of them!!
  6. Actually, right at the top of page one, in big bold type. V-important. They make a fuss about it to be sure you know. Sorry. It's like "Give way to oncoming traffic when turning across its path." It's a basic.
  7. I get that every morning just about, turning into Queens Wharf Road off North Quay. I love getting on the horn and seeing them brown up their jocks.
  8. Were you consuming fossil fuels?

    Were you wearing dead animal skins?

    Need I continue?
  9. And you didn't anticipate this happening?
    Shame on you!

  10. A while ago a friend and I were waiting on at a red light on Lt Bourke St (China town) to cross Swanston St, Melbourne CBD. Once the light went green I began proceeding forward and a lady, completely engaged in conversation with her friends, began wandering across the road on the far side of the intersection, straight into my path, without the slightest thought about traffic or the fact that she was crossing the road on a red light.

    Naturally, I pulled the clutch in and gave the throttle a twist. This is a 250 Hornet with stock exhaust. As far as exhausts go, it's very quiet, but its got that sharp, high-tech whirl sound that you get from four cylinder engines. And at 13-4k revs in the inner city, I suppose it's pretty sudden and loud.

    What happened next? The sound *literally knocked the girl right over backwards.* Luckily she was caught by her friends before her body hit the ground. They pulled her back to the curb and mate and I proceeded casually forward.

    It was pretty mean, and I did feel a bit bad, but at the next lights we were both in a fit of laughter. Hopefully that was lesson-learned for the poor girl.

    I wish my camera was going at the time.
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  11. ^^^^ Sure it wasn't a reflected pressure wave from your exhaust that knocked her over?
  12. Yeah, unfortunately you have to give way to pedestrians (LMAO) regardless of whether they cross at a crossing or not.
  13. It's a crazy rule. Then there's the one that pedestrians can't obstruct traffic which contradicts it to some extent.

    Has anyone actually crossed the road at other than a crossing or a shared zone and expected cars or bikes to stop for them?
  14. The lady was clearly a contender for the Darwin Award
  15. Pedestrian bashing coming from motorcyclists reeks of hypocrisy.

    Really? What else are you going to do?
  16. blah. You take things too literally. "crazy" wasn't meant to imply not giving way but that the rule is "crazy" in that it opens the possibility for pedestrians stepping out anywhere and any time without due care.

    To do:
    Exactly what everyone does do and that is to give them right of way, rule or no rule. We *do* however have an expectation that some fool won't just do a quick U-turn from walking along a footpath to across the road and yet the rule is "crazy" in that there is an implication that it can be done.

    The lesson is that there is no need to get cut about these sort of near misses because that "crazy" rule is there and the flipside is that we, as pedestrians too, can cross anywhere and anytime we like with a few exceptions such as within 20 metres of crossing with the proviso that traffic isn't obstructed. Common sense dicates otherwise.

    She was a crazy fool to step out onto the road without looking as the OP posted without exercising due care and I'd be cut about it too because most actually learn crossing roads in Kindy.
  17. Am I missing something here? Where's this rule?

    Say it's a dual carriage, 80km/h zone. A straight stretch with no side streets, no corners, no bends. No lights, no pedestrian crossings.

    I'm heading straight down this straight road.

    From 200m away I see an old lady waiting to cross the road.

    I'm suppose to stop and allow her to cross the road?


    Forgive my stupidity, it's early.
  18. In that instance, it is my understanding you don't have to stop and let her cross but if she starts crossing (safely or unsafely) you must give way to her or at least attempt to do all you can to give way in a safe manner.
  19. No. But if she's on the road you're supposed to give way and not run her over.

    I'm pretty sure there's no rule about not laying on the horn or redlining the engine while doing so.
  20. Fair enough - it's just common sense to try to not run over people. I don't think there's a law against it though. Strangely enough.