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Pedestrian jumped at me from the roadside

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Luna, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys, this is not really a near miss but certainly a rant.

    My partner and I are both on our l's and decided to go for a ride early this morning into city from our place in Leichhardt. We set off at 7am to avoid traffic and took the Parramatta Road way as we wanted to grab a coffee in Surry Hills before going under the Harbour Bridge and back through The Rocks. We got up to Cleveland Street and got separated at a set of lights with him getting through the lights and I had to wait. We had discussed our route and made a plan to meet if we got separated so I wasn't worried as Surry Hills was our destination. As I was approaching Crown Street from Cleveland Street I noticed 3 guys sitting on the step of the pub and their mate standing right on the edge of the road. Thinking he was too close I buffered him a bit and slowed down for the left hand corner. Just as I was about to start my turn the guy on the side of the road crouched down as if he was going to jump at me. I was already committed to the corner so I went around and just as I went past him he jumped into the road as if he was going to grab me. I could hear all his mates laughing and shouting.

    I headed up Crown Street and met my partner in the side street where we had arranged to meet only to find out they had done the same (actually worse) to him. As my partner was taking the corner the same guy who jumped at me ran at him with all his mates shouting 'slap him'.

    We said a few choice words and decided to walk down and see if they were still there and report them to the cops. We kept out of sight and waited for the Surry Hills police to turn up so we could point them out. The guys were in clothes that implied that they had been out all night and considering it was 7.20am that seemed to fit. The very nice police took a statement from us and went off to have a friendly chat to the guys.

    We decided it was best to get on our way as after the cops spoke to them they wouldn't be very pleased and might come looking for us.

    I'm so glad I called the police. My gut instinct was to go and tell these guys how dangerous it is to distract a rider like that but that would have ended up in a situation I really couldn't control. After we chatted to the cops I instantly let it go and got back to enjoying my ride.

    Anyone else had something similar happen?

  2. Your head is much cooler than mine :p
  3. Drunken folk are classy people when it comes to motorcycles.

    Alcohol + novelty = hilarity ensues.

    The 'nicest' encounter I've had was when a bunch of drunken folk were walking along the beach road in Wollongong; one of them saw me approaching on my Tiger and picked up one of the girls in the group and carried her out into the middle of my lane like a hostage.

    Classy stuff. :p
  4. What absolute wankers. You did the right thing.
    Closest thing to that I've had happened to me was a guy with his mates at some pub/eatery make fun of the sound my scooter made when I was revving it at the traffic lights.
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  5. Let me assure you murchy, there was nothing cool about my head at first. I pulled up next to my boyfriend and all he could hear was very unladylike language blasting out of my helmet. I would have stewed on it for days if we didn't call the police, couldn't have done anything else but the list of things I would like to have done is very, very long. :twisted:
  6. .... if I recall, a poster (Zaphod) got a nasty scare with some guys carrying a bit of 4 x 2.... idiots are everywhere!!....yet another obstacle to avoid!!...

    Glad you didn't get hurt by the arsehole!!...:-s
  7. WELP! I'm in this area every day. Is it the pub on the corner of cleveland and crown? That part of Surry/Waterloo has its fair share of crazies, but damn i've never had to deal with it like that!

    Well done on your logical thinking. What i would give to be a fly on the wall for the 'unladylike' language though :D
  8. Similar, yes. A pedestrian walked out from the footpath on to Liverpool road, Ashfield, five metres away from my bike doing 40 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. Had I not noticed him stepping out in my peripheral vision, he would have been damaged, too.
  9. I've had a bottle/can of beer thrown at my head along Barrenjoey road.. ****ing idiots.
  10. yep, had it happen on the bike and in my cage.
  11. I haven't yet had someone jump out at me, but once coming back from the Mornington peninsula I passed a local pub that had obviously just kicked everyone out as there were people strewn everywhere stumbling in every direction. I went slow past here in case of any idiot playing funny buggers, luckily none of them did. So I continued down the road for about a minute or two when I came around a long sweeping left hander and "Oh f*ck there is a nice boulder lying in the middle of the road".

    Countersteered and missed it by millimeters, was very lucky. I pulled over and started hauling this thing off the road when I heard laughter and people running from behind the bushes not far away.

    I mean seriously, these f*ckheads placed a large rock in the middle of the road then hide behind bushes and see what happens? Some people really scare me on how they get their kicks.

    Unlike you I wasn't able to keep my cool and chased one of these cocks. This was a mistake, but the heat of the moment got the better of me unfortunately. I caught up to him and gave him a verbal blasting, I don't think he'll be doing this anytime soon. Well done to you for not approaching these guys yourself, who knows how far some people are willing to go.
  12. Thanks guys, I knew I wouldn't be the only one that encountered total morons. Seems to me they range from general stupidity to premeditated attempts to cause grievous bodily harm. Glad to hear everyone has come out of these stupid situations without injury.

    Yep, that's the pub. I did see a few people going in when we were walking back down Crown. Perhaps they had a lock-in on Saturday night?

    Hehe - my language would have made a sailor blush! 8-[

    Without a doubt I would have chased them too Set.

    I'm considering giving the cops a follow up call today to find out what happened to the guys. On reflection 24 hours later, there really wasn't anything either one of us could have done to avoid that situation. I'm embarrassed to admit I have had a quiet little cry when I thought about what could of happen to my fella or I if the pissed idiot even lightly touched one of us. I guess you're right Tweetster, yet another obstacle to avoid!
  13. Part and parcel I'm afraid... don't ride down in the Rocks area late on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night - you'll (sometimes) get idiots that lay down on the road in front of your bike as you approach! More commonly they fake a lunge at you as they pass which could be very daunting/dangerous for a novice rider. Ply a moron with some alcohol and place him in a position where he feels the need to show off to his mates - recipe for disaster.

    Lana, glad you and your partner weren't spooked into a fall (which is what it appears to have been the intention) and had the fortitude to report the incident. I would have assumed that the cop would have been in contacted with you as a matter of course though.
  14. I have never had any thing like this happen to me yet - must be that whole
    "looks like a gorilla ****ing a golf ball look" that I have
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  15. In Sydney road in Melbourne, for those not familiar with it, there are sort of 2 lanes, 1 is always full of parked cars though. There are also tram tracks down the middle.
    There are always tons of cars, and because of the trams stopping regularly, they end up banked up, but there's plenty of room to slip down the side between parked cars and stopped cars on the bike.

    Not really the same issue at all, but my anti-pedestrian emergency braking skills have become quite practiced from that road :p
  16. That does not sound like a fun situation. Good move with the cops though.

    I've had a few 'invisible rope' gags. Two guys standing on either the side of the road pretending to hold a trip wire.

    First time it happened I stopped, got off the bike and they ran...

    Second time (different guys and location) I saw them do it to a rider in front of me first. Rode close to the gutter, gave it a good rev (clutch in) and the dick jumped into a bush. Win :D
  17. I was riding my push bike home from the pub a few years ago and hit a rock the size of my head in the middle of the lane. Broke my nose, lost my goatee and most of my chin also took some skin from my palms.

    Turns out they had smashed the street light to help with the trap.

    Lucky I was too pissed to feel the full extent of the pain! Bloody hurt the next day though.
  18. I don't go near city roads late at night on the weekends. Drunken twats everywhere at those times.

    Also, I refuse to go anywhere near the M4/Parramatta Road on Saturday afternoon/nights. Only idiots are on it at that time in those locations, usually racing their stupid cages into the city for some drunken crap.
  19. Farking, that sucks. In fact this entire thread gives me a sad.
  20. My thoughts exactly. Well done to the OP and her partner for reporting these f*ckwits to the cops. I really fear for the human race when I hear stories like this…