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Pedestrian Crossing Flinders St Station, Elizabeth St

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jamesthewonderful, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Sunday St Valentines Day was cruising down Flinders St at 6.18pm. Doing 55 km. Clearly a green light. Just a meters from the white lines of the pedestrian crossing. Girl on her mobile just steps out right in front of me not even turning to glance for traffic. I swerve to the right but clipped her. I thought I smashed into her really hard. I went down hard and slid for about 15 meters before coming to a stop.

    Lots of people rushed over to help me out. I was more worried that the girl was going to be a really bad shape but she was ok. Not injured enough to stick around. Some guy who also stayed to help me took down her name and number but it turns out the number doesn't work.

    I was carted off to Royal Melbourne with a bad shoulder and generally sore right side. I was wearing my Dainese mesh jacket which had hard elbow and shoulders pads as well as back protector. Shoulder and lower arms and the back were given the ashpalt treatment. Side of my draggin camos a bit damaged but can go for another day. Right glove gone. Toe guard on boots scrapped quite a bit. Helmet fine.

    I ended up with a torn ligament in my shoulder. Bike is written off. Jacket is gone. Fully insured. Gear was difference between walking away with slight injury and staying in hospital for days.

    Thanks Alley, for nothing. :p

    I will get a pay out and get a white 2010 ZX6R.

    Lesson I have learnt. When coming to a crossing and you see people ready to cross. Slow right down. Move to the right track. Because you never know when someone is going to step out.
  2. Damn peds. Good to hear you're ok and a reminder of how important the right gear is.
    Better luck with the ZX6R :)
  3. Shame he didn't have the brains to make her produce ID. Girl was a coward and an arsehole. I've had a young woman step out in my path before, I was furious at myself for swerving to save her stupid skin. Sometimes riding a motorcycle sucks.

    Glad you're OK, and hope the shoulder heals well. I'll bet you're now an ATGATT guy for life!! Hopefully a shiny new Kwaka in the garage will be some small compensation for the experience. ;)
  4. What is it with woman pedestrians...??? Had one step out in front of me about 12 months back, I stopped with my front wheel between her legs and headlight under her bust... She started abusing but soon shut up when I pointed to the cam on the bars... I asked if she was OK then told her to GTF off the road...

    This morning coming home from work had another woman step out in front of me, saw me at the last minute and stopped, only inches in that one...
  5. Is it a 40 or a 50 zone down there? ;)

    But seriously, always be in the right wheeltack of the left lane or left wheel track of the right lane. Sorry to hear about the prang!
  6. Sorry to hear about the prang.

    I find its not only those engulfed in their phone conversations or iPods. I've had heaps of pedestrians walk out in front of me AFTER seeing and acknowledging me speeding down on them at 60km. Its like they expect me to steer around them at short notice.
  7. I tap down into first to get the revs nice and loud and lay on the horn. If I had another hand I'd flip 'em off with it.
  8. its times like these you wish the bike had bullbars...
    espically when those drunks on chapel st decide to play chicken with you.
  9. clutch lever ok? :p
  10. 50, also watch out for the Red Light/Speed camera at either William or Queen & Flinders as it's set to 50.
  11. add to that flinders and william street intersection, both westbound and northbound (from queens bridge, both turning right and going straight/turning-left)...

    I watch them flash all day from my window at work... :(
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    Here's a video of it...

  13. thats crazy, how good of them to give u the video, spewing the number is fake lol i would of called her for brownny to see if she was single :D

    But u did hit her pretty hard as u can see her sliding, what on earth was she even bloody looking at

    also amazes me how the people just stand there like stunnned mullets not rushing out and shit, fair dinkum
  14. She is extremely lucky that you weren't a car or truck.
  15. did you have a pipe on your bike? just making you bike that bit louder causes people to look about a bit to see whats coming...
    sorry to hear about your bike.. i would be absolutely livid..
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    1:11 ????

  17. ****ing hell, video as well!! I hope that biatch gets creamed good and proper next time.

    I feel sorry for you man, luckily you're insured, but still out of pocket the excess.

    Still, doing better than me, ipod zombie walked out in front of me, then disappeared. Did $3k damage to me and the vehicle i hit, wasn't insured.

    This is the lesson I've learned, **** swerving and coming off or going into a pole. Next ped is gonna get creamed head on. Why should I have to go under a bus or at least pay $thousands for your stupidity? Can't run away when you're in an ambulance biatch. Applies to kangaroos, dogs, idiots, whatever.
  18. what do you mean?
  19. I had a ped step out in front of me that was taking a short cut straight across the roundabout at the top of Queen Street about a year ago.

    Phone glued to his ear and luckily I saw him and was ready.

    He looked right (I reckon he was an overseas tourist) and then stepped out in front of me. Next thing he knew I stopped my car about 30cm from him with my hand on the horn scaring the living you know what out of him.
  20. At 1 minute, 11 seconds, there is this creepy laugh...