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Pedestrian Council, Harold Scruby, at it again

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evelknievel75, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. recent article on MP3 players in cars, with police suggesting motorists be more aware of their impact on the road.

    harold scruby, that one man band and his fax machine of the PCA( a huge organisation in understand), goes one further and asks for a total ban on the use of MP3's in cars etc and that manufacturers put big warning stickers on their products highlighting how dangerous they are ( i am assuming stickers similar to cigarette packets currently being displayed )

    well harold, i dont think you captured overkill here. how about suggesting also:
    -no talking at all in cars, if it must be done, in a quiet whisper only
    -no radio allowed inside a car, of if on, it must be tunes to 2GB Alan Jones or Melb's Neil Mitchell
    -No billboards on the roadside, in fact why not make blinders on all motorists compulsory, so they can only look ahead when driving
    - stickers on ipods etc that say things like, "listening to Kenny G is harmful to your and others health!"
    -any motorcyclist caught with an ipod to have his bike confiscated and crushed and be forced to ride tandem bicycles with other motorcyclists caught

    come on harold, we need some more moronic suggestions from you. we know you love the press. please feel free to contribute to this list and i will forward it to harold.
  2. - No loud obnoxious opinionated old people as passengers;

    (Ooops that means 95% of people his age will now be forced to walk!)
  3. Why can't he just get cancer and die?
  4. Why doesnt Mr Scroby clean up his own backyard before looking over the fence.

    How many times have you seen pedestrians with ipods almost being hit by trains, cars etc. They cannot hear emergency vehicles either.

    I am told that it is law in new york city that you have to remove your ear buds before crossing the road and if you dont and get seen by one of new yorks finest, YOU get fined.

    How bout people being responsible for their own actions !!

  5. If they're so dangerous for drivers they should be made illegal to use - then surely a similar offence should apply to pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, rollerbladers, etc. that use them.
    In fact let's make it illegal for deaf people to use the roads as well, it's far too dangerous for them.
  6. Isn't it about time some other wackjob formed his own "Road Users Council" consisting of himself and a fax machine, and sent out proposals and media releases focusing on pedestrians? Then he and Scruby could have their own shit fight. If Scruby is spending time fighting ridiculous proposals from this new council then he'll have less time to generate his own idiocy.

    Key agendas for the Road Users Council:

    - Ban ipod use for pedestrians, joggers
    - Use of mobile phones prohibited whilst walking
    - Ban the deaf and blind from crossing roads, ever
    - Alcohol and drug testing for pedestrians - 0.05 limit for pedestrians walking on any public footpath beside or near a roadway
    - Push for increased policing of jaywalking
    - Front and rear numberplates for pedestrians
    - Pedestrian tolls for crossing any designated roadway, which contributes to wear and tear of road surface
    - Mandatory helmets for pedestrians
    - Compulsory 3rd party insurance to cover damage to road users vehicles when crossing road at a place other than a designated crossing, causing a collision with a vehicle, or when crossing when "Don't Walk" is showing
  7. I'll bite. How many?
  8. Hundreds.
    Just take a walk through the City of Melb every day.
  9. Pedestrians with iPods are much more of a hazard than drivers with them, as noted. Besides, anyone who's using an iPod in the car needs to get a decent car sound system so the iPod is unnecessary.

    <damned anti-social stupid things they are anyway, mutter mutter>

    This is old, but telling:

    Sunday, March 19, 2006
    Harold Scruby Nominated for Bent Spoon Award

    Harold Scruby has been nominated for a Bent Spoon Award on the Australian Skeptics website.

    The reasons for nomination are well explained:

    Nominee: Harold Scruby
    Nominated by: David Perkins
    Date: 21/12/2005
    For his constant refusal to let facts get in the way of an argument. This guy:

    * ran over a jogger in his car, then got off because it was the joggers fault,
    * created a rule to not allow Japanese or Korean people into the exclusive Cabbage Treet club (not only has the rule been overturned, so has his membership),
    * was the whole Ausflag debate from a few years ago....,
    * is currently the president of the Pedestrian Council of One. He is anti 4WD at the moment (despite driving one himself), anti bullbar (despite being the spokesperson for a type of bull bar!)(see Smartbar), and just basically a pain in the neck.

    All his facts are taken from surveys of his mates, or statistics selected specifically to suit his needs. For example, one of his oft quoted facts is that 90% of 4WD's never see dirt, despite 32% of 4WD's being registered in Rural/ non-urban postcodes.... Another example would be the misguided opinion that 4WD's are responsible for most pedestrian accidents. RTA statistics prove that 4WD's, Utes and Vans together account for 15% of pedestrian fatalities (despite being around 25% of the vehicles on the road), wheras 66% of fatalities are caused by sedans!
  10. As someone who has had to pay $3k in repairs to all parties involved when some retard ipod zombie crossed in front of my while splitting, I am agree vehemently. My new policy is to run them down.
  11. Damn straight. I'd love to see Harold Scruby try and wrestle my profoundly deaf sisters ZX6-R off her!

    Honestly, the sad thing is this guy gets good coverage. How can we convert him to Motorcycling?
  12. quarterwit, i'm more for straight to trial and jail for him.

    the man's a general nuisance, i think nobody liked him as a small child and his parents obviously didn't hug him enough or perhaps too much
  13. I say avoid the trial and transport him straight to Mother England. There are so many do-gooding nannies there, he'll never get a word in...
  14. This dickead just needs to be ignored - trouble is...he is'nt. :mad:

    He's a loudly squeaking door, so he gets oiled occasionally...

    I'd rather they just take the door off it's hinges, and put it under the house where all annoying household goods end up.

    Not that the bloke does'nt have a decent point now and then, but his incessant screaching like a flock of galahs first thing in the morning does'nt win me over.

    I agree with him that Ipods used by nitwits is just as bad as full blast doof doofing, cap on backwards, punks!...but not everyone is like that, so his point comes across as just stupid. (again). :roll:
  15. Preferably by the method used by special forces - with a shotgun :twisted: .
  16. Driving with an ipod in your ears is kinda retarded since you have a perfectly good stereo right there in your dash.
  17. Yes, but take it to its logical conclusion -- any new laws banning iPods (and similar hearing-affecting devices) won't apply only to cars; they'll be for all motor vehicles, including motorcycles. That, extrapolated to the nth degree, could also mean bye-byes to earplugs or intercom or bluetooth systems while driving/riding.

    Just because this fatuous twat thinks what he says should carry more weight than anyone else. Screw him -- and the horse he rode in on.
  18. Sorry if this is a bit Sydney centric.

    A little over 12 months ago I was working in the Ambulance media unit, around the time that we were having a run of pedestrian skittles around Druitt Street.

    On 19th June last year, Sydney had spectacular success in reducing footpath congestion, drivers taking out 9 pedestrians in the metro area in one day. Spent the day being interviewed on talkback radio over the whole thing. :cry:


    I found that these types of incidents peaked in shitty weather, but Ipods also played a part.

    I also made a prediction, which I'll look back on and test in 5 years time - the increased number of hybrid cars on the road will increase the number of pedestrian accidents, 'cause nanna can't hear them coming. Watch this space.......
  19. He's not saying you shouldn't listen to an ipod with ear plugs, he's talking about USING an i-pod. NOW do you see how retarded Scruby really is??
  20. At times like these I bet his old man wishes he had just rubbed one out... what a wanker :roll:

    People like this MUST be shown to be the dickheads they are...because governments love to save us from ourseves and they love guys like this even more :evil: