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Pedantic about semantics?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rourkster, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. <Vent Alert!>

    Here in Australia we do a test to become a licensed rider. If we pass, we get a licence. Each year we take our bikes to our local roads authority to get them registered. We may even get a new registration plate for our bike. Sometimes we have to run around and get new tyres to get our bikes registered. This may tire us out.
    In summary - humans are licensed and get a licence. Bikes/cars are registered and get a registration plate. Tyres are the black rubbery things that we fill with air.

    (I know I'm being a pedant, but do we really need to Americanise ourselves so? :( )
  2. Not everyone can me as smrt as u.
  3. Color. z. These also suck.
  4. go down the elevator and put the aluminum trash-can on the sidewalk
  5. But I live in a single storey dwelling and have a plastic wheelie-bin :?

    Actually one thing that really gets my goat is the use of "of" instead of the abbreviated form of "have" as in "I would of" instead of "I would've"
  6. Your are really loosing me on this one.

  7. Forget Global Warming; the way things are going we will all be grunting like cavemen within a generation :roll:.
  8. A grammatical vent!

    How many times did you check and recheck your post for spelling and grammar errors rourkster ? :LOL:

    ...problem is, it wasn't perfect mate! LMAO!

    Some of my spleling peeves:

    you're/your (one my own foibles)
    brake / break (BLOODY F-L!!!! Wish he'd get them right!!! :p )
  9. It's O.K Rourkster, I parked my bike on the sidewalk the other day, right in the center of it..............
    I feel your pain, stupid US culture. Why teh fcuk anyone would want to be like a Yank is beyond me.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Maybe we can stop Loz from calling me "Dude"
  11. Sorry, mate, Wikipedia might say that, but even Microsoft disagrees with you. Install Word with its default US settings and it screams at -ise words; install it as Australian English, and they are fine, and -ize words are flagged.
  12. or should that be Los? :LOL: :p
  13. I hate mi'splaced apostrophes.
  14. ESPRESSO. :evil:
  15. I wouldn't have thought there was anything in that article for you to object to. My, poorly elucidated point, was simply that to write it off as yet another American bastardisation of the Queen's English was incorrect. Webster simply chose to no longer support both variants.

    You didn't just use Microsoft to support an argument regarding standards did you? :wink: I think I'll defer to the OED and others...

    FWIW, I'm an -ise man myself. Although I'm constantly having to catch myself when documenting software for an international audience. :(
  16. CAPPUCCINO not CUPPACHINO, CUPPUCHINO or any of the 1001 misspelled variants! :evil:
  17. Ol'mate always asks for a cup of chino. :LOL:
  18. Fair point, SD. I don't object to -ize because it's the way the Americans spell, just because I was taught -ise and I reckon it looks nicer.
  19. they did give this earth george bush and aren't we f_cking happy about that. and they think arnie was born there