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Pecking Order?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Given any sunny Sunday, you will find a variey of Mbikes parked at certain spots in SA countryside. Usually pubs and cafes.

    In the car world, if you have a muscle car such as a FPV/HSV/Mustang/Ferrari etc, you will be ‘king dick’ for the day at a car gathering. I am still learning about the various bikes out there, but if you are at one of these cafes….and there is a variety of good bikes in the car park. People outside are looking at this model, and that model, but what is the one bike that will make you King Dick for the day, when you roll up.

    These are some of the names of bikes I have heard of in recent weeks.

    Ducati (model?)
    Aprilla (model?)

    Im sure I missed dozens as I am still learning…but which bike is renowned to be the TOP of the MB pecking order?
  2. haha just beat my brown-eye... i mean... browny.. ;)
  3. I thought this had been discussed before.
  4.  Top
  5. It'll die eventually.

    Unless people start posting stupid shit.

  6. No, we will have this conversation again.

    Now, continue.

  7. Can't we just talk about nodding now?
  8. On another forum I visit someone asked

    "Is heavy air better than light air for your tyres?"
  9. [​IMG]

    I nod only if they are wearing all leather, motorbike boots, and wearing one glove whilst texting on the phone.
  10. Air consists of nitrogen mainly and other shit.

    Some airplanes use Nitrogen in their tyres as it's lighter I beleive. Could be a valid question(ish).

    Where's Nikkers?

    But back to the stupid shit...

  11. My style of nodding is so melodramatic and violent that it appears I am having some sort of mental breakdown/epileptic fit when I try to greet another rider.

    I have been known to nod at objects which merely looked like bikes from a distance, but were in fact Sheep on closer inspection.
  12. This thread has gone straight to the crapper:

  13. It's easy to get animals mixed up.

    I mistake worms for Hyosung riders all the time.

  14. i am going to use the 'previous thread title' search facility next time.....

    sorry people.
  15. Bust a move:

  16. Bet they didn't nod back. Sheep are snooty bastards, considering they're only one step up from a cabbage.