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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nickt, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. After a long 8 hour session with CRAPTASTIC weather.. I got my P's!!! :D :D :D

    It was drizzly/rainy/wet all day until we got to actually perform the MOST.

    At the end, the instructor told me "Mate I dunno how to tell you this.. You failed..."

    i'm like.. "Oh really? :("

    he's like "yeah, failed to accumulate any points! congratulations" (only one out of 6 of us :D)

    "YOU BASTARD!!".


    Thanks to everyone here for all the advice during my L's and EXTRA special thanks goes to Stealthassassin and Starlet, who took me to Telstra stadium last weekend and showed me how to do all the obstacles! thanks thanks thanks!

    My only advice to people yet to do it is HEAD CHECK~! and DON'T AVOID RIDING IN THE RAIN.. your P's test day could be as crappy weather as I had, and i'm glad I continued to commute in the wet to get that experience up.


  2. :dance: CONGRATULATIONS!! :dance:
  3. :woot:

    I woke up this morning and looked outside and thought "oh no, Nickt's going to be doing his P's and it's raining"....but you passed anyway so CONGRATS!

  4. Congratulations, also its good to see you with a positive attitude about riding in the wet :D
  5. Good on ya Nick!! :woot:

    No points accumulated is really good, all that peak hour riding really helps.

    Congrats man. Now you can start thinking about your upgrade in 12 months :grin:
  6. Congrats Nick!

    It was a crappy weather and you did well :)
  7. Well Done Nick !!!!
    :dance: \:D/ :dance:
  8. thanks all! :dance:
  9. woot 4 you
  10. Not wishing to rain on your parade, so to speak (congrats, a landmark day you will remember) could you please edit your vegetables down to lower case, or a grumpy mod might pull the whole thread???

    And, yay for Wollongong riders, I say :woot:.
  11. Congrats Nick.

    It's all good, I just edited the title to reflect the T&Cs :)
  12. ta, I would have if I could have :wink:.
  13. Sorry, was a little over-excited :D
  14. Gratulations, is a good feeling. Even better when you get to remove that "look at me, P plate"
  15. :LOL:

    Onya nickt! :)
  16. Congrats Nick! Sounds like you did brilliantly!