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Pealing stickers!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Sancho123456, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. i have some slight pealing around parts of my side fairings any one got any useful suggestions in combatting this problem without damaging my fairing??? THANKS!!

  2. More information, please.

    Fairing material differs, the way the manufacturers apply stickers, differs

    Whether or not the bike has been garaged or is weathered, makes a difference.....

    {notice, two different weathers/whethers in the same sentence}

    {I know, I gotta get out more......}
  3. if the decals are peeling and rolling back, if you can, trim them to stop them rolling further.

    if they are just lifting up, why not try a dab of glue? just make sure you keep it clean dont want messy glue all over it!
  4. I noticed it, after you pointed it out, you should get out more.
  5. I think a heat gun is used to get stickers off but you will regret it.

    You will be left with a spot of paint under the sticker thats not sun faded like the rest of the bike and it will stick out like dogs balls.

    Glue it down and try to be neat I think is your best option.
  6. Try some spray adhesive on a seperate piece of paper then slide paper under decal and to get the glue on neatly.
    Push down firmly and remove excess glue.

    Probably not very long lasting but keeps it from rolling back further.
  7. If you do, I do too. There's a lot of spelling and grammar that needs fixing around this place.
  8. Duct tape? :grin: :? :?
  9. Must be very distracting, having those stickers ringing like a bell (pealing). Pity they're not just peeling.

    {/me autoslaps}
  10. if the decal/sticker is one solid colour in that area, head over to your local graphics (automotive) or panel beater and see if you can get a small amount of vinyl in the same colour.

    Trim the original back. Then re-apply the new vinyl pre-cut to shape (it only needs to just overlap and then be the same shape as the original was.) to the fairing.

    Should stop the original from peeling further, and look reasonable without damaging paint.

    Its also reversable if you change your mind.
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  12. Is the actual sticker peeling back or is it the clear coat over the stickers?

    Friends bike has been molested by weather and ive noticed the clear coat over his stickers was peeling