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Peak Hour Nutter on the Monash Fwy

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by oz-riley, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Check out this Nutbag, have no idea what set him off. (n)

    White Peugeot 307, VIC Reg SFC 966.
    I checked the video and it is the same car all the way through the same number plate.

    Monash Freeway 09-10-2013, 7.00am.

    You first see him in the right hand lane at the start and I slowly overtake him in the next lane. Then at some point after I overtake him he has gone over to the far left lane, then just before Heatherton Rd he smashed back across all Lanes in front of me and then starts lane splitting cars! then gets into the Emergency Lane and takes off travelling at about 140km-150km/h and disappears.

    I don't see him for a while but must overtake him again in heavy traffic because 20 minutes later he comes flying up the right hand Emergency Lane again, a bit further on just before Huntingdale Rd he causes an accident between three cars, nose to tail. You can't see the moment it happens just after in the footage, but I could see the accident, he went from the far Left Lane across all Lanes again back to the Emergency Lane causing the front car to lock up, unfortunatly the other two cars ran up the back.

    After that he seems to calms down, I believe because he has caused the accident, then I catch up with him again just after Warrigul Rd.

    All the time when in view he was cutting across all lanes when he could, have no idea what set him off, he was dirving normaly in the begining before his little melt down. He was acting like this for over 30 minutes in Peak Hour traffic.

    When I finally over took him I tapped the top of the camera and you could see him go "Oh Sh#$!!".

    Please note this is over 30 to 40 minute travel time, I have just edited out the boring commuting bits in between (for Smee). (y)

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  2. Pssst:
    Peek = look
    I think you mean "peak".
  3. Oh No, A spelling Nazi. :inpain:

    No soup for you! ;)

    But yeh it's Peak
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  4. Hmm, me thinks someone is a tad on the nutty side...
  5. I assume you've reported this to the cops and directed them to the footage? His plate is clearly visible in several parts of that clip and if he caused an accident no doubt the cops would like to have a chat to this particular individual...who is a complete A-hole by the looks of things.

  6. Clearly someone who just got some significant bad news. I once got a call from the Dudette saying she crashed her bicycle and knocked out her front teeth while I was an hour away. I didn't drive quite like that but I didn't take too much notice of the road rules.

    The hazzards when he first starts is the dead give away. He thinks this is the best emergency lights he has. However it stops him from signaling what he is doing making his driving a lot more dangerous.

    If he had a genuine emergency the cops may let the infringements slide and pass his details on to the guys in the accident.
    Of course he may have been out bid on eBay as well. You'll never know.
  7. Yeah I see your point but he isn't driving an emergency vehicle and he isn't attending the scene of an emergency. So he is bound by the same laws the rest of us have to obey and if he chooses not to obey them, and causes a three-car pile up in the process, then he's a dangerous douche who has no right to be on the road in the first place.

    That's my take on it. Some may disagree and that's cool. If a rider had been crushed between one of those three cars, we'd all be singing a different tune though...
  8. Not arguing with that, certainly he took it too far. But from someone who's been told a loved one is in hospital when I had to drive I have a certain level of understanding. Of course the dudettes injuries were not life threatening and there was not much point in me getting there any faster but the mind isn't that rational at these times. He clearly had an emergency and judging by the driving it was a lot worse then mine.

    Just think about what you would do if you were told your nearest and dearest was in hospital and you were an hour away behind heavy traffic.
  9. I wouldn't drive like a complete twat and cause a three car pile up, that's for sure. I'm not a paramedic either and assuming my loved one was receiving treatment by trained professionals, risking serious injury or death myself isn't going to help their condition either. The sooner I get the hospital? So what? What am I going to do when I arrive? Sit in a waiting room waiting for information most likely.

    But in that situation I'd do what you did when faced with a similar set of circumstances...get their as quickly as you can while driving as safely as you can. A good driver (as I assume you fit that description) can do both and still drive safely.

    But I'm not arguing with you man and we essentially agree with each other on this one, my point is that no circumstances justify or warrant putting other road users at risk regardless of what other circumstances have transpired.

    Even cops and paramedics still drive with complete control and competence no matter urgent the emergency.

    Killing myself getting to the hospital because a loved one is there already kind of defeats the purpose too. :)

    The guy was probably just running late for work or had just had an argument with his missus and was raging like a goon. Hell, we've all been there.
  10. Alternative theory, there's as no emergency, he just felt shown up by the bike effortlessly slipping through traffic and then felt he had to prove something.
  11. ^This^

    I've had drivers become lane splitting maniacs when they see me sail past them on freeways. And who hasn't had some goofball take off like they're attempting a sub 10 second quarter at a set of lights just to show their car is (in their imaginations) as quick as a bike?

    I just hope the OP has contacted the popo so they can investigate and hopefully issue some serious fineage. :)
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  12. Agreed with most of that. I'm not trying to defend the guy but basically not prepared to throw him on a witch pile either having no idea what the full circumstances are.

    Hell if he got a phone call saying "Daddy there's an old man who keeps peaking at me through the kitchen window" I would have told him off for not going fast enough.
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  13. Maybe, however he was cool as a cucumber when I finally caught up to him after Warragul Rd, and driving normally again, with lots of space and gaps to keep going, so if it was an Emergancy he would have / could have kept going. Got a good look at him also.
    There did not seem to any kind of road rage incident with any other cars bikes etc around him when I first went past way back at Heatherton Rd, plenty of room infront and behind him, I did not lane split past him as my lane was clear.
    So could have been a phone call that set him off with news good or bad.

    Maybe, there was a bike flying up the Emergancy Lane on the far left, me slipping past and then splitting further ahead and then seeing the other bike in the Emergancy Lane, maybe he thought I will show you bike lot how it is done! :shock:

    He caught me off guard, he was flying, you see me back right off as I thought he was going to clean something up very quickly.
  14. Actually, dinner for me tonight WAS soup! :p
  15. driving crazy is one thing,
    causing a 3 car accident is another

    hope you reported him / handover video
  16. Possibly something like "Daddy I fell off the swing I'm bleeding and mummy isn't home yet". Followed by getting through to his wife to find out she's nearly home.

    I just really don't it was a falling down moment.

    But yes if you are so inclined go to the cops with it. If there was some emergency reason the cops will probably give him done leniency.
  17. An emergency is no excuse. When driving the fire truck we were constantly warned we could be booked for breaching road rules. The lights and sirens were to warn other road users to let us through (which often didn't happen) not to absolve us of responsibility.
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  18. Is lane splitting legal on the monash? Genuine question, not having a go.
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  19. #19 blackadder, Oct 11, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
    Exactly. If you are that emotional about something you shouldn't be in control of a vehicle. You certainly shouldn't be further engaging in high risk riding/driving in that state of mind. Don't give a shit what your excuse is.

    Use the "I'm safe" mnemonic. This is far more important than the little needle on your dash that points to a fcuken number.

    Illness - Is the pilot suffering from any illness or symptom of an illness which might affect them in flight, -- I like to add "Impatience"

    Medication - Is the pilot currently taking any drugs (prescription or over-the-counter),

    Stress - Psychological or emotional factors which might affect the pilot's performance,

    Alcohol - The pilot might want to consider their alcohol consumption within the last 8 to 24 hours,

    Fatigue - Has the pilot had sufficient sleep and rest in the recent past, and

    Eating - Is the pilot sufficiently nourished?
  20. Don't go handing that video over to anyone, you'll more than likely get yourself booked.
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