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Peacock spiders

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Orb, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Given the spider hate gong on here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=130732&page=5 I recon it's time some of you lot saw these guys

    Basicly a bloke found a new species of jumping spider that probably saw "priscilla queen of the desert" a few times. Awesome starts around 3 minutes.

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  2. colorful bugger aent they
  3. Fascinating! The markings on the abdominal flaps remind be of Aztec masks.
  4. That was cool as hell, thanks for sharing. And for the record, I don't hate spiders, I just don't want to hang out with 'em!

  5. Watch your back mate!
  6. They're my favourite creature at the moment (not these ones, just in general), Iv'e noticed some fairly interesting behaviour from a few. One grabbed the web of a small garden spider, roped him in and had a snack.
    Another one I noticed sat on my knee for a good ten minutes as I was on the posty, watching the ground as I rode around, then jumped of... I think the little bugger used me as a mobile hunting platform.
    Had others attack me then run like hell as they work out how bad an idea that is :LOL:
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  7. Can't stand spiders, freak me the hell right out. Same with most bugs though. Get anywhere near me and I either freeze up or start flailing
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  8. Awwww. Look at those eyes. Thanks for posting this, never even knew they existed.
  9. Some more information on these little buggers, it appears the females of the species are serious critics, if the male's dance is not up to the quality she expects then she pounces on him and eats him.I'd be in serious trouble as I am a lousy dancer.

    Dance or die: Male peacock spiders work hard to win the ladies

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  10. True. Saw an Attenborough doco on this and it's quite amazing. Dance, duck for cover, repeat! Eventually, if he's lucky, she gets wooed and allows him to mate.
    The kicker is though, that she then eats him anyway lol!!!
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  11. Mother Nature is amazing all you can say really.
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  12. On a related note, Wolf spiders have a mating purr.

    Kind of sounds like a shitty dirt bike blatting around the forest.
  13. OrbOrb I cop a lot of flack from friends about the sad state of my citrus trees and my ugly fruit. Though that doesn't ever seem to stop them taking bags of the stuff.
    Anyways I refuse point blank to spray for leaf curl bug or bronze (stink) bugs because of all the other gorgeous little insects that happily live in these trees.
    I just love those little jumping spiders. I can spend hours just watching them. They remind me a bit of schnauzers with their cudte little furry faces but their antics are quite entertaining.
    I feed our redbacks - gee now they are clever with their vertical trip wires and also feed our orbs cockies. I just stun the cockies with a thong and use my old forceps to put them into the webs and watch and listen to the orbs munch through them.
    When I lived in Sydney I also used to mist their webs in hot days so they could have a little slurp of water.
    Thanks for the vids :D
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  14. You want to feed me what now?!?!?!?

    Never considered misting a web before, will keep that in mind. Most of my spiders a various jumpers, some small garden spiders that have a peg fetish (constantly chasing the little buggers out of my clothes when bringing washing in), and the house spider that lives in mt DR650.

    Earlier this year I noticed a wasp stick its head in a curled leaf, suddenly freeze, and slowly back out before buzzing off rather quickly. Second later the leaf curler spider ran out, looked up to me as if to say "You see that bastard? fcuk this, I'm out!" and buggered of himself.
    (Not my photo)

    Jumping spiders like to ride on the switch blocks of the postie as well.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. OrbOrb I think most of us are so concerned with aesthetics that too many just knock every web down or spray insecticides with gay abandon.
    I am not too sure why, but apart from an very nice Atrax robusta I found nestled in part of the bricks at the front garden, I find very very few spiders here in Port. I miss them -all i find is bloody clicker bugs and geckos.
    But in Sydney I have huge domestics over clearing webs. I love watching spiders make their webs and truss up their prey. The academy award for best web action goes to the webcaster spider I found. Pics are on hard drive at home but spectacular.
    If I had a tenth of the patience and perseverance of those spiders I would have been in the top of my field sure. Truly amazing!
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  17. Haven't seen web casters outside off Sydney (great Aunts house). Plenty of webs in my place, if you look at the ceiling at just the right angle you can see a fine layer of web from where the jumpers attach their safety lines - and that one daddy long legs that loves to string up web from one side of a room to the other in the middle of the night (usually at eye level).

    Years ago, a big weaver and I scared the shit out off each other one night. She had strung her web up between the house and tree that I rode through to get out the back. Locked wheels sliding on wet grass, and lots of swearing, tore a nice big hole in the lower half of the web. Funny thing, every night after when she put up her web, she left a hole big enough for me to ride through. She did this for two years, until she disappeared :( Smart girl.
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  18. Kill 'em all!

    Then make a start on Great White Sharks!
  19. I am not spider hater, not at all, and thought huntsman spiders were lovely critters till the day I stepped on one!!! F&#*(^# HORRIBLE NASTY THINGS!!! They hurt like hell. I ended up rolling around on the back lawn in tears it was that painful. My toe became swollen and itched like anything.....steer clear of the little turkeys now :arghh:
  20. Webbing spiders I usually don't have an issue with except for the mess. They are great at keeping down the population of flying pests. Certain burrowing spiders like the one that recently took up residence in one of our gardens are the ones I don't want to encounter.
    For reference, that hole is about the size of a 20cent piece.
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