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[PDF] Side effects of our obsession with speed regulation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jekyll, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. /would pay CASH to hear our roads ministers attempt to refute those points.
  2. Some excellent points but the way it is written is rubbish.

    Proves nothing.

    Good for raising awareness of a problem amongst road users...but I wouldn't slam it down on the Road Minister's desk saying "Ah ha! Suck it".

    Still its good to see people out there doing something organised.
  3. Agree it's probably more effective at preaching to the choir than objectively assaulting the government's position.
  4. I think that's true though, but it could have been stated better (ie, people can learn a lot about controlling a car at high speeds - taking the speed 'limit' factor out of it and including driver training, etc.)
  5. Yeah, some of the wording and 'evidence' is a little shaky and lets it down, but the rest is pure, frickin', bureaucracy-r4ping gold.
  6. Unfortunately the genie is out of the bottle with this. The draconian policies of speeding are truely entrenched. Just like man made global warming. Even if scientific evidence is sketchy or inconclusive, as long as revenues and profits are to be made, those who benefit will sell the belief message with the full force of the propaganda machine at hand.

    The only time these sorts of things fall over, is when they no longer provide money. If everyone in the country stopped speeding of any nature for a cpl of months, the coffers would start running dry and the powers to be would start to panick!
  7. Very true pro-pilot, say anything against speed enforcement and people lump you in with the hoons!
  8. Yeah, retracting the Gospel of Speeding Causing Everything would involve people admitting that they may have made a mistake in their decisions regarding road safety. Oh no!!! :roll:
  9. Hear hear!

    This shows that our roads are being made more dangerous due to “speedo watchingâ€, racing off the radar trap and that those with no regard for the law (stolen car/plates) can’t be touched. It’s like when you get pulled in for a 1st offence – shock the law abiding as it’ll have the biggest impact on them mentally seems to be the ploy…. Just speed cameras alienate the majority. Explains why Jeremy Clarkson is so revered in the UK for his “petrolhead†approach to life.

    Amusing story in the UK about the authorities – who you often see doing 90mph+ without the emergency lights on (therefore speeding?). A police car was caught doing 104 Mph on the M4 nr Bridgend he had 3 other officers in the car with him and still tried tto get away with the offence by claiming he was chasing a speeding Volvo. Trouble was he wasn’t in a police car and got nailed by a mobile unit (which all the locals know parks there every week) and surprise surprise got caught out by the law enforcement tool that can’t turn a blind eye to the boys in blue! Have a peek at news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/3629011.stm (can't post links yet)

    At least thee authorities have clamped down on this “criminalâ€â€. I now feel safer knowing there’s one less speeding copper on the UK roads (they’re normally rushing home for tea….). I wonder if he was allowed to keep his job in the force with a “criminal record†….

    Some of my best mates are in the UK force, but when you are actively being watched for a small slip – and then branded a criminal, then they loose all my support with this sort of issue.
  10. Officer: Is there any reason you're driving 20k over the limit?

    Driver: Well, I like to think of speeding tickets as my way of donating money to keep you guys in a job. After all, the more police on the roads, the safer they are, right?

    Officer: ... Have you been drinking today sir?
  11. "I'm not druuunk..."
  12. I know a member of the Vic Pol in a similar situation. He got caught doing 140km/h in a 60 zone, without his flashies on, by a mobile speed camera.

    The flashies got turned off for some stupid reason only for a few seconds, but he was unlucky enough to get caught right then. He had an immediate hearing with the ethical standards department. Luckily, he was responding to something urgent so he got off the hook.

    But he still got treated like a criminal until he explained himself.