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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Tosh, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. I was planning to buy/install a Pc3. After some searching I discovered that there is a new version on the market (Pcv).
    Has anyone bought one? Did you install it yourself? and most importantly how does it perform??

    All feedback would be appretiated,

  2. PCV is same install as PCIII on the bikes it can be installed, which mainly are only 2009 model bikes onward. For example you can use a PCV on a 08 CBR1000RR because it is same as 09 model but you can't use it on a 07.

    Go to power commander site for bike compatibility.
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  4. www.motomummy.com

    If you have a full exhaust system go for it. You might as well get a high flow air filter while your at it.

    If you have just a slip-on I wouldn't bother.
  5. yeah i just have the yoshimura r-77 slip on.. stock airfilter.... i think from what im reading i just need to give the bike a tune. I think it may be running abit rich as i can smell petrol more now with pipe on.

    Balls Performance Racing in sunshine quoted me $395 for a tune and replacing the spark plugs.

    My bike actualled stalled on me as i was going around a corner the other night and wonder if its cause of the new pipe... perhaps didnt have enough back pressure as i clutched and the revs dropped too much and conked out... would a tune fix this?