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PCV or not ?? that is the question.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Carpe Diem, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Im hoping this is the right area for posting this, soon find out ;)

    I have a 2009 GSXR1000 currently doing some mods. Before each mod i have done i search the web for answers only to be more confused about the subject than when i started.

    Im wondering if there is anyone on this forum the has the mechanical no how and knowledge to answer what troubles me.

    I have read and re read different answers to my question "titled" with no real 100% confirmed result. The only firm answer i get is from the shop or the mechanic who i feel is sometimes trying to just sell me another peice of equipment i dont need.

    I have upgrade the exhaust from stock to Slip-on Jardine GP-1 with the cat still in place. (found that it had no change to the bike that i could notice.)

    Now i have recenlty purchased a high flow K&N air filter ($12 on ebay to cheap not to buy).

    With these two mods on the bike can i expect to be running lean on the A/F mixture or will it have no effect or minimal to the bike?

    Will i damage the bike if i run these items without putting a PC on it?

    By leaving the cat in place due to the slip-on's have i bypassed the need to tune the A/F mix?

    And due to always getting answers that give me no conclusive answers Id prefer answers from people who have experience in this or have done similar mods them self. Mechanics that no the answer and arn't just trying to sell me something

    Thanks and i look forward to your responses.
  2. Most fuel injected bike run lean at certain points of the rev range to pass emissions regulations, adding a slip on and high flow air filter can make the bike run leaner again. A power commander or equivalent allows you to adjust the fueling to suit modifications, the main benefit along with making sure your engine won't hand grenade is the massive improvement in throttle response At least that's what I found with my CBR.
  3. Hi Bamm-Bamm,

    Thanks for the response :). I understand what the PCV does for the bike, but am just trying to fully understand if its really required. As i am looking at a PCV with Auto tune. This looks like it will set me back just under $1000 fitted by my mechanic.

    I want to add my new filter but dont want to straight away if the PVC is needed.
    I will eventually get the PCV but wondering if i can get away with not having it just for now?
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  5. Do whatever mods your going to do...exhaust, air filter, remove/gut the cat.... then fit and custom map the PC = job done properly....

    BTW.. autotune only tweaks within a limited range, you still need/want to do the initial map.

    later you can also add a quickshifter, plugs straight in to the PC.
  6. Got my PCIII to fix my rev problem......got a bargain for it too, $149 with a tune on it already similar to my current mods. Response it better but you get used to it pretty quickly.

  7. Cheers may have to shop around then i think

    Thanks I swear sometimes that they just want to sell you something to sell you it. i think ill save the money get the PCV and just have it tuned.
    Love a good bargain pity there not easy to come by :)
  8. They should be easier to come by via America, those Americans love their power and bling mods hheheheh........
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  9. Note autotune does work, within its limitations.

    EG. the map you dial in on the dyno in Melbourne will be slightly lean at Philip Island. Autotune will help with that..
  10. Thanks Mike. You've been very helpful.
    I think i will just bite the bullet and get the PCV with Auto tune. Ive read a few more post and it seems like the best thing to do. Especially if later on i decide to upgrade to a full exhaust system.
  11. I've a pcv and auto tune. Still need to dyno the bike to establish a baseline in the pcv.
    The auto tune will play around within the parameters set during the dyno to make fine adjustments and perfect your tune with fine adjustments. It's a learning system that adapts as you ride.

    Another option for auto tune will adjust the afr to keep the actual numbers produced by the engine to the tables you have configured far more accurately than the stock or pcv only configuration. Afr naturally fluctuates despite your settings in a tune, and auto tune will adjust on the fly to better maintain it.

    I doubt it will do both at once though, for obvious reasons as they are kinda the opposite settings lol.
  12. Glad i asked the question, Will be making the purchase in the New year. End of the day its going to help my bike. Thanks eveyone for your input.
  13. If you want to know for sure whether your bike will require a PCV go and get it dynoed and check out the air/fuel ratio. Many bikes run lean at lower rpm and richer at high revs the only way to know for sure is getting an air/fuel run done on your own bike.