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PC3's Accelerator Pump Utility

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by deafwish, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. I have just seen this new (apologies if it's old now....) feature on Power Commanders website that is free to download for all PC3 USB users:


    Anyone tried using this function on the street or track?
    Is it worth it for street use? If so, what are good parameters to dial in?
    Any info is appreciated!

    Daz. :wink:

  2. Ive been playing around with it a bit, started with the settings they recommend and have played a bit, think it is a matter of personnel choice and also depends on the bike, what bike do you have? I have my CBR929 custom mapped with modified exhaust and we played a bit on the Dyno and I think I currently have the Accelerator pump set at 80/20/10 the way I see it its free so why not give it a go
  3. Hi KevS,
    Thanks for the response..... :wink:
    My bike is a 2004 model Kawasaki Z1000.
    It has a Muzzy full system and a K&N.

    Does this Accelerator Pump feature change your custom map at all, or is it a totally different function on the computer?
    Does it make your bike any more rideable on the street?
    Does it shoot flames if you back off the throttle, during the pump? :?

  4. Anyone else care to comment on this?
    Any feedback is apreciated. :wink:

    Why was this thread moved to this section? :?
  5. The accelerator pump will only affect the map for the small amount of time (10, 20 revs etc.) after the throttle is opened abruptly.
    Because the air has much less inertia than the fuel it is able to accelerate much faster. Therefore a rapid opening of the throttle causes the air to rush through the intake much faster than the fuel droplets. This can result in a lean spike. By temporarily richening the mixture you can help eliminate the stumble or hesitation.